The Cults

By: One Anonymous

Last Updated: 5/9/2017

In the earlier sections I documented how a single drug can be used to enforce a mind control over people in many ways and for many different reasons. It should already be obvious how, using the above mechanisms, a cult could be formed and maintained. In this section I document to the best of my ability a group which I think of as a combination of the mafia and a cult. A mafia style cult or maybe the modern equivalent of the occult.

I have put all this information online so that people will be able to identify cult members more readily. If you read about their philosophy and methods then, ideally if someone tried to preach the cults message you will already be aware of it. By understanding their methods you can recognize their activity and identify the perpetrators so reports can be made to the authorities. Scopolamine can be detected if test are done immediately.

Regardless of how the cult members think of themselves what they are is a group of people who find ways to give victims a neurotoxin which causes brain damage so that the victim can be controlled and so that the cult leaders can get what they want. What they have developed is a system to allow themselves to get away with many different crimes at various levels of severity. They do this to kids and adults of any age.

One important thing to remember with this cult is that it does not matter how old you are or how stable you think you are. We usually think of someone getting drawn into a cult as a person who is young, naive, looking for an alternative way of life, or just searching for themselves and thinking they found somewhere they belong. However, if you have read the previous sections you will understand that by using Scopolamine this cult can get to anyone they can drug with Scopolamine. That means any age and any level of stability can be targeted. This cult sees going after more stable, mentally stronger, or more important people as a better challenge.

1.1        Philosophy
There are two ways to look at the leadership of this cult. One is that the leaders know it is a cult and what they do is just a way for them to take and maintain control of others. The second is that the leaders truly believe in what they preach. I think the leaders do believe some of what they tell people but most of it is just manipulation. In this section I have written about what I think are some of the core philosophies the cult promotes. These philosophies have been developed over the years and are used because they are things people will believe in. If they tried to convince people of something that didn’t work or something that got them caught, then they would quit using that excuse. Their philosophies really are just excuses for committing criminal acts. Regardless of what the leaders believe many of the members believe in these philosophies. Hopefully if you read through this section you will be able to recognize the cults preaching when you hear it.

One of their core philosophies, and perhaps key stone, goes something like if I can do something and I do not get caught then it must legal. If it was illegal, then I would get in trouble for it. This is something they tell their kids and new members. Common criminals will say things like it is not illegal unless you get caught. For a common criminal, this is just trash talk or a sarcastic joke. If you combined this idea with the beliefs of a demented person you will get the cults building block.

They will extend this philosophy to include what they do with other people. They will tell their kids and members things like if she agreed to it or if she did it then it is something she would do anyway. If it wasn’t something she would have done anyway then she would not have done it.

The beliefs in this section are all philosophies the cult leaders found that they could convince other people is true and that could be used to control those people. More importantly they try to make everything sound legal. The members are either naturally very easily influenced or have been on Scopolamine themselves and they have been conditioned to believe what their leaders tell them. You might think all the ideas I list are ridiculous but imagine your IQ was half to a quarter of what it really is.

As an example, when I was a freshman in high school I was told by my English teacher that if you can hypnotize someone and get them to do something such as have sex with you then it is perfectly legal. This was several decades ago and I do not remember it all that clearly but there was something about the fact that if a person did not know a crime was committed then it was not illegal. She said that with hypnosis you could make someone want to do something and then it would be their choice. She also said there were drugs that could hypnotize a person and it was legal to use them. I remember I argued with her emphatically. I think I told her if I put a gun in her face she would choose to do what I wanted too but that did not make it legal.

She was not trying to warn us and tell us about a way criminals commit crimes. She was trying to convince us that it was not a crime. The mafia, gangsters, frauds, thieves, con artists, killers and rapist all know what they are doing is illegal. They look for ways to get away with committing crimes but they know that what they are doing is a crime. I do not think the cult members think that anything they are doing is a crime. I think many of them truly believe it is all legal and just a part of life.

My freshman English teacher was most likely a victim of, among other things, gang rape. She was threatened and tormented and she capitulated. She was in a denial that her attackers engineered with Scopolamine and she was working for her attackers recruiting kids to be poisoned, beaten, and raped by convincing the kids and herself that what happened to her, and what will happen to them, was not only legal but also their own fault. If the students allowed themselves to be hypnotized or allowed themselves to be drugged it was their own choice and so what ever happened was also their own choice and if something bad happened it was their own fault.

In the hypnosis section I mentioned two ideas hypnotist promote. They are the idea that a person cannot be hypnotized against their will and that a hypnotized person will not do anything they would not have done otherwise. When it comes to pure hypnosis it is a philosophical question regarding the definition of choice and free will. Because a person cannot be physically forced into a hypnotic trance, it is their minds choice to be entranced, or at least that is what some would say. Furthermore, if a person in a hypnotic trance does anything it is by their choice and not because another person physically forced them to do it. The person entranced was simply persuaded to do something but the choice was ultimately theirs. Which is where they get the idea that what they do in a hypnotic trance is something they would do anyway. The simple counter argument is that if these statements are true then why did the person need to be hypnotized in the first place?

The cult believes that what Scopolamine does to a person’s mind is the same thing as a hypnotic trance. So, the cult applies the same philosophy of hypnosis to a person on drugs. They also apply the same philosophy to a person who was drugged without their knowledge and without agreeing to taking any drugs at all. Their argument seems to be that they do not physically force anyone to take drugs. For example, if they put a Scopolamine tablet in your beer and you drink the beer it was your choice to drink the beer and thus the Scopolamine. They did not force you to drink the Scopolamine. If they put a tablet in front of a kid and say it is candy they did not force the kid to take it. With their logic If they did not physically force someone to take Scopolamine then what ever they do on Scopolamine is something they would do anyway.

They believe that their use of hypnosis and Scopolamine is just another way to persuade a person to do something or to think a certain way. For them it is no different than if you and I had a discussion or an argument and I convinced you that I was right. For them, me giving you Scopolamine is the same as if I was able to seduce you into having sex with me. Rather than have a discussion or debate with someone about something they will just poison them. In a sober debate, their arguments are not very good. They can maintain their philosophies partly because they are only arguing with people on Scopolamine and because their methods usually work so their philosophies get reinforced. Further down on this page there is a section about the difference between persuasion and coercion and the legal difference between the two.

The members truly believe that what a victim does or how they think on Scopolamine is perfectly valid and actionable even if the victim has no idea what they did or what happened once the Scopolamine wears off.

For example, they will use Scopolamine to get someone to sign a contract. There is a specific contract they attempted to get me to sign. The contents of this contract I have never seen when I was not on Scopolamine and so I have no idea what it says. I never actually signed the contract but I do remember them trying. For me they forged my signature. There are lots of frauds or con artists who have used drugs or alcohol to coerce a signature. However, they know that the way they got the contract signed was invalid and fraudulent. Many of the cult members have no idea, they believe the contracts are legally binding. I also think the content of that contract was of an illegal nature so even if I did sign it with complete cognizance it would have no value in court. For example, a contract to order a kilo of cocaine from an importer has no value in court. However, the contracts are part of how they legitimize their activities.

Another example. The cult will drug girls or guys in some cases and use them for group sex. It is easy to coerce a girl into having sex with more than one person if they are given a sufficient quantity of Scopolamine. However, the cult members believe that the girl they had sex with must be a whore. They know the girl was on something but she was most likely walking and talking. They believe that what a person does on Scopolamine is something they would do anyway and that they just do not remember it. Per them, if a girl on Scopolamine would have sex with multiple guys then it is something they would do anyway and so they must be a whore.

Another example.  There was an event which I will get into in more detail later regarding one girl my freshman year. One of the cult leaders came into my class and made us drink some juice before what was supposed to be a special presentation or lecture. I remember because I did not want to drink the juice. He made a big deal out of drinking the juice. I am certain now that the juice contained Scopolamine. There was an argument between one of the junior members, and the leader who was giving out the juice. The junior member was telling the leader that she, meaning the girl, was already one of us. He said that he was working on her which meant she had already been given Scopolamine before. However, at that time, I doubt the girl had any idea what was going on or what she was really supposed to be a part of. I doubt she was consciously agreeing to or going along with anything specific. However, in their minds she was already one of them. Unfortunately, today, she is like my freshman English teacher. Today she works to bring others into the cult.

The cult leaders simultaneously maintain the illusion that their members and victims have freewill and that they, the leaders, control everything. Using their philosophy and excuses the cult creates an illusion of choice, freewill, and legitimacy. If something bad happens to someone or someone on Scopolamine does something bad it was by their own choice. If something good happens then it was the cult or the cult leader that did it or allowed it to happen. When it comes to their members the cult leaders will take credit for many things they have nothing to do with. If a member or victim does something the leader cannot control the leader will claim it was what they wanted to happen. The leader must maintain the illusion.

You might start to think from my descriptions that they are not physically violent however, the excuses are just something they give to their recruits, members, and peripheral participants. I have been beaten and my life threatened by members of this cult on more than one occasion. Currently I have a standing death threat against me and my family. They have demonstrated on more than one occasion the ability to execute such an attack against me and my family without warning and without provocation. Presumably, or at least they tell their followers, it is because I have done something wrong however, the worst thing I ever did to anyone else I got in trouble with the real authorities for. The cult leaders make up reasons for going after people and their followers have all been conditioned to believe them. It really has nothing to do with anything anyone did or did not do. They will go after anyone they think they can get to and make up a reason for it so their followers will follow along.

They also believe, or at least they tell people, that Scopolamine is not a big deal. They see it as just a medication. They think Scopolamine just alters your mind and the way you think. Scopolamine does alter your mind. There are people who have reported that the prescription strength 0.4 mg Scopace dose made them start going crazy. Scopace it no longer allowed in the US. The doses the cult uses are much stronger. With a stroke the undamaged parts of the brain learn to compensate for the damaged parts of the brain but it takes time. When receptors stop working or are damaged due to a Scopolamine overdose it takes time for the other pathways to learn how to compensate. So, it is true, Scopolamine does alter the mind because it causes brain damage. While the brain injury is repairing itself, the victim continues to have poor judgment making them vulnerable in many different ways. As with any major injury, like a broken arm, a person’s mind is never the same after it has been damaged.

They believe that Scopolamine brings out a person’s true self. I assume that is because on Scopolamine a person is not able to judge what they should or should not do and so they will not hold back. They choose to believe that dementia is something very different than it is. They also discipline members while they are on Scopolamine based on what they do on Scopolamine. They seem to think if you can get a person to do or to stop doing something on Scopolamine then you have changed a person’s true self. It is their goal to manipulate and control a person’s true self.

The discipline on Scopolamine is generally very harsh because using a light hand with a person on Scopolamine would have little to no effect on the victim’s overall behavior. It is easy to create a new behavior on Scopolamine but it is harder to stop one. They are a bit like child molesters. Some of the members and leaders think they care about their victims. The leaders think their members need their control and their discipline. They think their members and their victims want the leaders control and discipline. In case you are wondering when I say discipline what I mean is being poisoned, threatened, tormented, beaten, or rapped.

In philosophy there is the idea that, “I think therefore I am,” and that, “I know I exist but I do not know you exist” and, “reality is all in your head.” For the cult they believe what a person believes to be real or true is what is real or true. We each have our own reality and the cult changes and controls that reality for all of its members. For example, I believe these people are a cult therefore they must be a cult. Some members think they work for the CIA or NSA therefore they must work for the CIA or NSA. I will talk more about the perceptions of reality the leaders maintain in a later section.

According to the cult if a victim does not know a crime was committed then there was no crime. The cult members extend the idea to say if something cannot be proven then it is not illegal. Also, if a crime is not reported then it is not illegal. They tell their members things like this to keep them quiet and to make them believe what they are involved in is legal. I have heard them say things like, “It is only illegal if you get caught.” This belief is more closely to how criminals think and how the lawyers who represent them must think. One difference between the cult and a typical criminal is that most of the cult members actually believe it all to be true. It is not just something they say in order to justify themselves. They believe that if they can do something and they can get away with it then it is not illegal.

The cult knows most of their victims are going to have no idea what happened. For some of their members including many females, which I still find particularly perverse, it is some sort of a game to see if their victims know what happened or if they can figure it out. Some of their members like to watch rape and torture and some like to participate. Many of their followers have been tortured in some way and they all believe what happened to them was legal and deserved.

They also do not believe they are a cult. They will say things like it is just a different way of thinking or another way to live. They say they do not care about religion or what religion a person is. Whether they realize it or not they do have philosophies they believe in. Religions are philosophy’s and living by a philosophy is a person’s religion. Being religious does not require the belief in a higher power or the afterlife. Being a cult does not require a belief in any form of a currently recognized religion.

You have probably heard the expression that some people only see what they want to see. Scopolamine makes people believe that what is real is what they or those around them want to be real. Many people think that they can make reality what they want it to be. The cult members believe that reality already is what they want reality to be.

Cult recruiters may not express their philosophy exactly the same way I have but hopefully having read this section you will be able to recognize the cults preaching when you hear it. If you happen to see their activities, you will be able to recognize that too. I know this site is not kid friendly but you can tone it down and tell to your children about it. The cult does target kids through teachers, coaches, trainers etc.

1.2        Persuasion Versus Coercion
Make sure you read this next statement carefully.

The first thing the cult will do with potential new members is try to convince them, often using coercion, that what the cult does is persuasion and not coercion and is therefore completely legal.

A normal person will discuss or argue if something isn’t going their way or if a person is doing something they do not like. The cult will poison someone and try to make them think or behave differently. They argue that because it is your own mind that goes into the trance then regardless of how you got into the trance it was your choice. Furthermore, this cult believes that it doesn’t matter how they put someone in a trance whether it be through hypnosis or with a hypnotic drug like Scopolamine. It is very difficult to get someone into a deep trance without their knowledge or permission so a drug is an easy alternative. However, this method of putting someone in a trance is very illegal. They do not believe, or at least they have been convinced, that Scopolamine does not cause harm and does not have any negative side effects so they use it repeatedly on themselves and everyone else.

What the cult is doing is called Coercion. What they believe they are doing is called Persuasion. In a conversation, discussion, or debate I may be able to convince you that I am correct and from that point on you are likely to believe that I am correct about a specific point. I may also be able to talk to someone and get them to do something for me or with me because I have convinced them it is something they want to or should do. If I cannot persuade someone who I want to persuade I may try again later or I may just give up. For some people, they enjoy the debate and repeatedly try to persuade others of their correctness. This is all completely legal.

If I try to hypnotize someone and particularly if I give someone a drug in order to “persuade” them then that is a form of coercion. Unlike persuasion coercion is a crime. Other more well know forms of coercion are to make a threat, sometimes with a weapon such as a baseball bat or a gun. It is obvious that if I put a gun to a person’s head in order to get them to do something then I have coerced them and I have committed a crime. Even if I do not make a threat and I speak very nicely to them I am still coercing them into something and it is still a serious crime. Even if I just pull out a gun and set it on the table during the conversation it is still coercion. Similarly, if I try to significantly alter a person’s state of consciousness in order to get them to do something then it is also coercion and it is also a crime. A common example of coercion is giving a girl shots so she gets drunk and can be taken advantage of. This is common and rarely prosecuted but it is coercion and not persuasion. The obvious argument is that a girl given shots knows she is taking shots however, she can still prosecute the guy giving her shots for rape if she so chooses but it is a tough case in court.

The cult members may first try to persuade a victim that their philosophies are correct. They may try standard hypnosis if the person implementing the attack knows how. If that does not work, they will give the victim a low overdose of Scopolamine and try again. If the victim is still resistant they will give the victim increasing quantities of Scopolamine until the victim can be convinced. They may also try to entrance a victim while they are on Scopolamine using one of the methods I described on the Scopolamine and Hypnosis page. Eventually the victim will have no idea what is happening and they will not remember anything that does happen. At that point while the victim may never have been convinced they will still go along with the attacker as long as they are on enough Scopolamine. Even if the victim was never convinced they will not remember anything that happened so they are unlikely to report anything. The victim will not know anyone tried to coerce them of anything. Even if the victim realizes that something bad happened they will have no idea what or who was involved so they will not be able to report anything useful to the authorities.

A victim who could be convinced of the cults philosophies would never report a problem because they now believe they have the correct understanding and that it was all legal. The victim will not realize anyone was coercing them. They will believe it was just persuasion and that nothing criminal happened.

A victim who could not be convinced will have no memory of anyone trying to coerce them. Because, the cult knows that victim could not be convinced the victim may become a regular target of the cult. The cult may try to drug and again coerce the same victim. If the victim actively resisted their attempts at coercion than the victim will likely be drugged repeatedly as an example to other members of what happens to people who resist. The members believe that what is happening to the example victim is legal and that the cult leaders are just being mean to or punishing the victim with something like military style discipline.

1.3        Supremacist
I am not a psychologist but the leaders are narcissistic, psychotic, and pathological. They enjoy the power Scopolamine gives them against their victims and their members. They enjoy manipulating the lives of their members. They believe everyone else wants to be like them. They believe they are inherently superior to other people. They believe they deserve to do what they do and that others deserve what they do to them.

In addition to the lecture on legal hypnosis for sex or money and the legal use of poison I received my freshman year there was also a presentation on receptor types and the genetic and evolutionary significance of certain receptors. I am still looking for more information on the genetics of the M1 and other muscarinic receptors. I do not remember much of the lecture however, I do remember making a sarcastic comment about the fact that I do not have wisdom teeth so I must be genetically superior too. The lecturer was trying to tell us something about certain people being genetically superior because of either their possession of or lack of certain receptors.

In case you are wondering I talked a lot in class and I asked a lot of questions. To talk to and bring a person into a one on one conversation where I ask a lot of questions is how I learn. If I ask enough questions and get straight answers I can usually, “see what they are seeing” so to speak. I do the same thing on low overdoses of Scopolamine so apparently, it is part of who I truly am. I must be worse on Scopolamine because on Scopolamine I cannot judge when I should or should not talk or when to ask a question. The cult leaders do not like people who ask a lot of questions and they hate people who refute their beliefs. Most people, especially when they are on Scopolamine, will not argue with the cult leaders. Apparently even on Scopolamine I will argue a point. However, given enough Scopolamine my brain fails just like everyone else’s.

Given my experience I know the cult leaders believe they are superior to other people. They are some sort of supremacist group. They believe they are superior to others and that it gives them a right to do what they do. I have heard them say that they are immune to Scopolamine. I do not know if it is possible to be immune to Scopolamine. As I said I need to do more research into the genetics of the M1 receptors. It may be possible that some people either do not have or have very few M1 receptors. It is also possible that for some people Scopolamine cannot easily get through the blood brain barrier so it has little to no effect on their central nervous system. Atropine is nearly identical to Scopolamine however it does not have the same effect on the central nervous system because the blood brain barrier is able to block Atropine. However, there are many neuro toxins and a number of subtype specific neuro toxins that affect the Muscarinic and Nicotinic receptors found in the frontal lobe. Even if a person was immune to Scopolamine they would not be immune to all neuro toxins which can have similar effects.

I never thought much of these lectures and in fact I am not sure we were supposed to remember the lectures. Honestly, I am not sure if I remembered having received these lectures after the lectures. Now I wonder if they had given us Scopolamine before all the lectures. They could have been using these lectures as a way to convince us kids that were on Scopolamine of the cult leaders superiority. If we believed they are superior beings, we would naturally be more subservient to them.

If any person wants to believe they are inherently superior to other people and thus entitled to control or own other people than they can come up with reasons why that is true. I have been told that some people in Asia think the less body hair a person has the more evolved they are. They do not like hairy European’s. White men thought they were genetically superior to Africans which is largely the justification they gave themselves to own them. Slavery had been dead in Europe for a thousand years before they started taking slaves in Africa. We all know about Hitler and his Nazi party’s ideas of what made them superior beings. As I said, I have no wisdom teeth so does that mean I am further from my Neanderthal ancestors than all the other people who do have wisdom teeth? What about the people who only have two? Does that mean they are half as good as me?

For the cult leaders Scopolamine is just a drug that they have readily available. I am sure if they are immune to its affects then they most definitely believe it makes them superior beings. If they are immune to Scopolamine then their minds cannot be altered the way they alter the minds of others. So then their minds must be superior. They may even believe that their thoughts are the only real thoughts because the thoughts of everyone else can be so easily manipulated. Perhaps they do not think others people are even real which is why it does not matter what happens to them. The cult leaders could maintain this delusion as their reality. At least until another neuro toxin, to which they are not immune, with similar effects becomes readily available.

I do have a few theories. Some of the leaders where raised on Scopolamine. I know of at least one person who had Scopolamine in elementary school. There is the possibility that given regular doses of Scopolamine at a young age a person’s mind will learn to function without the M1 receptors. Or maybe a person just develops a tolerance to the drug. I am not sure which.

It is very possible that the leaders believe they are immune when in fact they are not. Dementia affects different people in different ways. Some people lose their memory. Some people have major personality shifts. Some just go mad and start hallucinating. The effects of Scopolamine likely vary too. A victim who can remember everything that happens on Scopolamine may believe they are immune when in fact it was their judgment and reasoning that was affected instead of their memory. Attackers influencing a victim while they were on Scopolamine may have affected the victim’s beliefs just as much if not more than everyone else but the victim remembers all of it so they think they are immune. The victim would not realize that they were coerced and not persuaded into their new beliefs.

It just seems to me that if there are people who are immune then they would not all be psychotic narcissists manipulating their victims into all sorts of crimes. At least some of them would be saying hey look at these criminals over here they are trying to poison all of you. I think most likely no one is immune. Then again maybe only psychotics are immune?

1.4        Illegal Activities
I have been victim to or watched many illegal activities by this cult. Those activities include, in order, felony assault, assault with poison, felony child abuse, conspiracy to coerce and abuse a child, terrorism, criminal negligence, sabotage which could also be considered espionage or treason, drug dealing, drug trafficking, rape, coercion to commit a crime, illegal interrogation, kidnapping, gang rape, assault with a deadly weapon and possibly attempted murder, torture, blackmail, extortion, racketeering, dereliction of duty, fraud, conspiracy to commit murder, industrial espionage, production and distribution of illegal pornography, home invasion, breaking and entering, and conspiracy to commit all of the crimes listed. There are too many instances of each crime to keep track of. If the cult members and their leaders where convicted of all the crimes that they have committed they would be sentenced to what would be the equivalent of multiple life sentences.

In one of the examples I gave in the Philosophy section I wrote about a guy who was supposed to be a guest presenter but instead he gave us a glass of juice with what I am assuming was Scopolamine. I am not sure what the cut off is for child abuse but this man at a minimum committed a premeditated felony assault against minors which were probably 20 or so students. That would come with a sentence of 40 to 50 years in prison for that one single event. Furthermore, that event could have been prosecuted as a terrorist act. He poisoned a classroom full of students. Had he used a lethal dose of Scopolamine he would be executed.

Some of the members think it is just hypnosis, some think it is not Scopolamine, and some think Scopolamine is legal. It really does not make any difference if it is Scopolamine or some other drug and it does not make any difference if the drug is all together illegal, a prescription medication, or an over the counter medication. Giving drugs to people without their knowledge, giving people prescription drugs who do not have prescriptions for them, and giving any drugs to minors without parental consent is completely illegal and it is not just hypnosis though it would not matter if it was. Hypnosis is just another means of coercion.

As I have written many of the recruits and members do not always realize they are committing crimes. In some cases, they believe they are attacking a person who is a criminal when in fact they are just a victim of another attack. Sometimes the people they are attacking are just people who refuted the cults beliefs or stood up to their methods or threats in the past. In some cases, the victim is just someone randomly picked out in a bar or at a party. However, over time some members do figure out what is really going on. If a member tries to get away the leaders will tell them just how illegal what they are doing is and how many crimes and the level of the crime’s they have committed blackmailing them to stay.

In my opinion this cult represents a threat to national security and could easily be considered a domestic terrorist organization. For example, in Fairfax, VA nearly everyone either is, or associated with someone who is, a person of national significance. This includes officers in the military, people with civilian contractors to the DOD with security clearances, people in federal agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and NSA, and civilians working in high level positions in the federal government. Drugging someone with Scopolamine compromises that person and their position. An insignificant but compromised person who has access to a significant person is a threat to that significant person and the office they hold. Even if they never actually killed anyone, their methods destroy lives, destabilize organizations and could significantly impact a city or county.

1.5        Targets
In this section I write about the types of people the cult targets. By target I mean anyone the cult has either recruited as a member or targeted as a victim. These are all classifications of people who I have been or seen either attacked, involved passively, or involved in an attack on myself or others.

1.5.1        Kids and Teenagers
It may be hard to image a cult recruiting directly in the public-school system. Really though it is just one more group of criminals who are trying to get to kids. The cult members and the leaders will teach their children many of the philosophies I listed in the Philosophy section. For any cult children and teenagers are obvious targets. Young people are easier to influence and manipulate. They should also be more susceptible to Scopolamine. It should take much less Scopolamine to affect a child than an adult. Furthermore, the side effects and brain damage should be repaired faster. A young person is also less likely to notice the damage or attribute any symptoms to anything specific. A parent may see a personality shift as just a phase their child is going through.

The sooner a person is brought into the cult the harder it will be for that person to get out. If a person is trying to escape the cults philosophies and fantasies it helps if they can remember what life was like before the met those in the cult. It helps if they can remember what they thought and how they thought before they became involved. If someone was brought in as a young person they do not have any memories to go back to and they do not know anything else.

1.5.2        College Students and Professors
College students use drugs and they have money. They can be easily influenced or blackmailed if necessary. College students are good for sex and as mules. Converted college students will become professionals which can be used for industrial sabotage or espionage later.

I am not sure if it is a regular occurrence but there is at least one Professor they have attacked. However, when targeting college students having some converted professors and administrators would be useful.

1.5.3        Teachers, Coaches, Trainers, Professors
Anyone who has access to kids could be a target. Getting to young people early means they need people who have access to young people. When I was a kid I never thought of any of my teachers ever being out in bars. My parents do not drink so I never really thought of any adult drinking to any large extent. But, early and middle aged single adults who are regularly around kids can be easy targets if they frequent singles spots such as bars or night clubs. Once they have been converted they can be used to get to children. I believe this is what happened with my freshman English teacher.

1.5.4        Gangs, Drug Dealers and Ex-Convicts
Drug dealers, gang members and ex-convicts are already criminals. They can easily be absorbed by the cult and used to distribute Scopolamine or for many of their other more obvious crimes. Even though many do not think of themselves this way these types of people are used to being subservient. The cult has police working for them. Any known criminal who refuse can be threatened or framed and forced into subservience.

1.5.5        Police and Military
Military or discharged military are targets which can be used as muscle or in at least one case to help frame someone else. Military or Police also be used as cover. People tend to believe in the integrity of someone who has been in the military. Converted police officers are an obvious asset against competition.

1.5.6        Professionals
Targeting professionals in companies at various levels is one way for the cult to take over or dismantle a company. They also need jobs for their members. The members do not get paid for their services however many of them believe they have their jobs because their leader got them the job. Their job can also be used to control a member as long as the member believes their job is tied in with their participation with the cult.

1.6        Levels of Involvement
In this section I attempt to classify the different levels I have seen within the cult. The leaders are good at compartmentalizing the members and various other individuals associated with their cult. Some associates are knowledgeable and willful participants, some are naive or mislead, and others are victims or have no idea anything is wrong. The leaders are very good at controlling which people are involved in certain activities and what certain people know.

1.6.1        Victims
Victims are anyone the cult is targeting. In most cases they are drugging their victim with Scopolamine. They could be a onetime victim or they could become a regular target. Some and I think many victims become members. It they can convert the victim they will become a member. Victims are very likely to have symptoms related to PTSD and concussion or minor stroke.

1.6.2        Peripheral Support
There are many people who help the cult without realizing everything that is happening. Peripheral support could include people in positions of authority such as police. Often the peripheral support does not know the cults philosophy or that they use Scopolamine or what Scopolamine does. The cult leaders commonly claim the drug they are giving people is not what it is. They will claim it just relaxes someone and that victims won’t do anything they would not do anyway. They may tell their peripheral support a victim is just drunk or high. That does not mean the peripheral support are not criminals. For example, the peripheral support may be drug dealers or they may participate in a vigilant style assault or rape. I just mean the peripheral support does not fully understand the real purpose of the attack.

1.6.3        Recruits
Recruits are people the cults would like to be members. They have most likely been given Scopolamine at some point and have some knowledge but are not consciously in agreement with the cults philosophies. These are people who are in the conversion process.

Followers are people who have been converted. They are consciously participating in cult activities without the influence of Scopolamine or other drugs. They are usually living a fantasy of some sort. They have altered views of reality. They may have compartmentalized their two lives in a very unhealthy way. The have their real life which may include a job and a family and then they have their cult life. The members may be involved in any number of crimes and may never know the real reasons they did what they did. They have likely been the victim of many crimes themselves before they were converted. They have been conditioned not to ask questions and more importantly not to report anything to the authorities. In addition to having a tenuous grip on reality many members who did not go along with the cult willingly will display symptoms usually associated with PTSD and they will probably not perform their jobs as well or be as motivated in their real life as they once were.

Followers will believe whatever their leader tells them. Their reasons for what they are doing may change weekly. Followers will believe that everyone else is stupid and they are smart, special, and part of something important.

1.6.5        Leaders
This page is called The Cults where cult is plural because the leaders seem to run their own cult. Each leader has their own followers. I assume the leaders I have seen are following someone else though I do not know who that is. The leaders say or at least pretend to be immune to Scopolamine though they could just take an antidote before exposing themselves to it. The leaders will pretend to be independent of one another however they all work together on some attacks. A regular tactic they use is to have one group drug a victim and then another group comes along to exploit the victim in some way. The leaders also maintain the fantasy or fantasies necessary to keep their members involved in the cult. They will also pass off members between leaders as necessary to keep all their members “happy”. I will discuss more about their tactics in the Methods section.

1.7        Methods

The cult has many tactics to perform a variety of different tasks. These are all things you should be aware of. Ideally you will be able to identify cult activities by reading this section.

You will find many of these methods to be typical criminal behavior. A lot of it is something the Mafia might do or at least something I saw in a movie about the Mafia. But, there is the added work they do with Scopolamine and what they pretend to be hypnosis. In some cases, they will stalk, poison, and manipulate entire families.

1.7.1        Fantasies

On a second pass through all this documentation I plan to change the section about Supremacist and turn it into a section about Mental Illness in general. Scopolamine can create numerous forms of mental illness not just megalomania. But, I believe the illnesses are closely tied in to one single effect of Scopolamine. That effect is that while on high doses of Scopolamine people will fantasize about something but think it is real. They cannot tell the difference between their fantasies and reality. This is what causes the hallucinations or psychosis that people can experience when overdosed with Scopolamine.

Our ability to fantasize about things, to think about things, and to learn from watching others is all interrelated. When you fantasize about something you are just thinking about something that is not real. You often do the same thing when you try to solve a problem. Consider a physics problem. You may want to calculate the speed of a ball rolling down a hill. The ball and the hill is not real but you may create a visual image of a ball rolling down a hill while solving this hypothetical problem. When you do this, you are “fantasizing” about a ball rolling down a hill. When you watch someone, who is teaching you to do something, you are thinking about yourself doing that thing the other person is doing. You can learn this way but you are “fantasizing” about doing what you are watching as you are watching it. You can then try to perform the task you fantasized about. It may take practice to become good at it but watching is often the beginning of learning. The fantasy mechanism is also closely related to dreaming. Dreaming is basically just fantasizing while you are asleep.

When watching, what you think is a good movie, you will often fantasize about doing what the characters in the movie are doing. Especially when you were younger you may have walked away from a Jason Bourne movie feeling like a “bad ass”. You might have some adrenalin pumping and you may feel like you can do some of the things you saw in the movie. That might last for an hour or so until you come back down to reality and you always knew the movie was not real and that you are not actually like the character Jason Bourne. However, the movie may inspire you to go to the gym more, take up martial arts, or learn to shoot a gun.

Hypnotherapist use the fantasy mechanism to influence their clients. When you are watching a good movie, or reading a good book you are actually going into a light trance. You can block out all other thoughts and most of what is happening around you. It is that fantasy mechanism that hypnotist tap in to.  But, becoming deeply hypnotized is not something that is easy to do for most people. It often takes meditation and practice for a person to be able to go into a deep trance.  However, with Scopolamine a victim does not have to try to become entranced and it doesn’t even take a good “fantasy” to become deeply entranced. The drug does most of the work.

What you think about in a fantasy uses the same neural pathways as if you were actually performing the task. That is largely how you can learn by watching. When learning your mind is observing, planning, and remembering. When watching you start the learning process but your mind knows you are not actually performing the task. However, on high doses of Scopolamine, you will not have control over your own mind. You will not be able to start or stop the fantasy process at will.

While I watch a movie, I know it is just a fantasy. When the movie ends or someone disrupts my train of thought the fantasy is over and I jump back to reality. I may come up with some new ideas by watching the movie or some new found motivation but I still know the movie was not real. On a sufficient dose of Scopolamine, the fantasies and reality are the same thing. It is hard and sometimes impossible to distinguish between the two. It is not that you consciously cannot distinguish between the two it is that your mind cannot distinguish between the two. Scopolamine is different from most other hallucinogens. For example, usually on LSD, mushrooms, and even PCP I think, you know you are tripping and you can tell what is a hallucination and what is not. However, there is a point on high doses of Scopolamine you cannot tell the difference. There are many things your mind does that you are not consciously aware of and telling the difference between reality and fantasy is one of them. I cannot tell you how your mind knows the difference but normally it does and on very high doses of Scopolamine it does not.

This is significant because a person’s fantasies, while on Scopolamine, have a much greater impact on the person than they should. Once the Scopolamine wears off the fantasy is part of that person’s life. The fantasy has an impact as if it was real. Even if the person knows they were on something it is very hard not to allow the fantasy to affect them. This effect is further complicated with the fact that they may not remember what they fantasized about while on Scopolamine. However, even if they do not remember the fantasy itself the impact of the fantasy persists. A person cannot mitigate the effects of Scopolamine or an induced fantasy if they do not remember what was happening or what was going through their head when on Scopolamine.

For example, say you took 5 mg of Scopolamine and sat down to watch a Jason Bourne movie. Typically, during such a movie, if it is the type of movie you like, you will fantasize about being like Jason Bourne. That is the point of the movie. On Scopolamine, you will do the same thing. The only difference is the movie will seem much more real. To be more precise, I should say the fantasy that goes on in your head while you watch the movie will seem much more real than it should. The entire movie will affect you as if it was one long hypnotic suggestion. It isn’t the movie itself that affects you it is the fantasy you create in your own mind that affects you. The effects of the fantasy do not end just because the movie ended or when the Scopolamine wears off. High doses of Scopolamine by itself without any other influences can cause mental issues such as trouble focusing or thinking clearly for weeks or months after taking it. But, for the weeks and months that follow a movie such as Jason Bourne you could start to experience the same feeling you felt while fantasizing about the being Jason Bourne. For example, you may feel like someone is following you. Because you feel like you are being followed you start to look for someone following you. You may notice you see the same guy at the coffee shop every day and think they are a spy. You might file a police report against him just because he has the same schedule you do and so he is there at nearly the same time every day just like you are. You might notice this same guy in the grocery store near your house after work every once and a while. You might even go and buy a gun or start to stalk the guy you think is following you. If you do not take Scopolamine again most of it should wear off after a while.

The cult members will create this scenario as a way to destabilize a victim. What I mean by that is that the members will follow, stalk, and even harass a victim knowing the victim does not know who they are or what they did. You can often vaguely recognize a person you have seen while on Scopolamine but have no idea why you recognize them. This will create and amplify feelings of paranoia.

What if you were a kid at 10 and took just 1 or 2 mg of Scopolamine in the form of 2 to 4 Scopace tablets because it made you high. Then you sat down and watched Scarface, or another popular gangster movie. We often talk about how watching the wrong movies can negatively affect kids. Watching a movie like Scarface just once on Scopolamine would be like giving a child the hypnotic suggestion that they should be the character Scarface. It would have a very strong effect on how the child thinks and behaves. Again, it should wear off after a while but if the kid did this once a month or so with different movies, aside from the physical effects Scopolamine has on the brain, many of the psychological effects will become permanent.

None of us have a single fantasy. We can fantasize about many different things. For example, I do not enjoy just watching Jason Bourne movies. I also like James Bond, Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones and a number of war movies, police movies, etc. I like most well-made action, adventure, Sci-Fi, or Fantasy movies. I have also watched a number of horror movies. Like many males, I can fantasize about being characters in all these different genres. Many women do not like these movies because they cannot fantasize about being any of the characters. The movies do not resonate with them.

The effects are not limited to fantasies while watching a movie. While on Scopolamine anything that would trigger a person to fantasize can cause unwanted effects. While most of the effects will wear off, if Scopolamine is just used once, any Scopolamine usage could cause some long-term effects like mild paranoia or unhealthy obsessions and compulsions related to ideas, activities, and people.

Using this knowledge of Scopolamine cult leaders can direct and control what a person fantasizes about in the same way a good movie or book directs a person’s fantasies. Being on Scopolamine can be a bit like being in a movie. The line between what is happening in front of you and what you are fantasizing about does not exist. The question now is, what can you fantasize about? If you can fantasize about it then a good cult leader could get you to go along with it, at least while you are on Scopolamine.

The fantasy does not have to be a good thing. It could in fact be a nightmare like in a horror movie or in a thriller. This section has been about fantasies but remember that low overdoses of Scopolamine make a person very dumb. It effectively makes a person mentally handicapped even before they can no longer distigues reality from fantasy. The leader may get you to fantasize about being tortured, raped or attacked in some other way. Rape is a commonly induced fantasy used by the cult leaders. The cult uses rape, among other reasons, because if they do it right there will be little evidence of anything happening. They may even get someone to agree to being raped while they are on Scopolamine. But, for the person on Scopolamine it is more like agreeing to watch a movie about rape. They may also tell the victim they are playing a game about rape. For the victim, what happens on Scopolamine does not seem real while what is a fantasy seems more real. A common justification the cult uses for many of their attacks is that the victim agreed to everything that happened. I have written before about the documents they get people to sign. But, all the agreements are made while the victim is drugged. The victim has no idea what they are agreeing too. But, because it is all part of the victim’s fantasy, even if it is not their own fantasy, the cult members have it in their heads that the victim likes it and that it was all OK. This goes back to the idea the cult members have that what someone does on Scopolamine is something they would do anyway.

Now I am going to go back to how the cult leaders use fantasies long term. Consider the two cadets expelled from the Naval academy which I have mentioned before. Those two could easily believe they are being recruited by the DEA, NSA, CIA, etc. It is my understanding that those organizations commonly recruit out of the military anyway. They were both training to become officers after all. Military personnel are already trained in weapons, hand to hand combat, and presumably they respect the chain of command. These cadets could easily be made to fantasize about working for the CIA while they are on Scopolamine. The leader would make them feel important, necessary, needed, valuable, etc. Which is even more effective considering they were both recently rejected by the Military. Their morale is low, their self-esteem has taken a hit, they likely felt sorry for themselves and thought they were wronged somehow. A cult leader could tell them, “The government needs people like you who will do whatever it takes to protect the country.” We, “don’t care if you cheated.” They could become a part of, “domestic black ops.” Maybe it is, “a joint operation between Counter Intelligence and the NSA.” It may take a few doses of Scopolamine on different occasions but they will be told, “do what you are told and do not ask questions” They may be told, “you have to prove you have what it takes.” They may have to, “poison and rape someone which is better than killing them,” because, “we kill people,” so if you can’t at least rape someone then, “you cannot be one of us.” The former cadets will use drugs too, in order to blend in with everyone else. It will never be their place to question orders because they do not see the bigger picture. They will believe that what they are doing is too important to care about the laws or civilians.

If they were sober they would have a lot of questions about all this but on Scopolamine the fantasy gets implanted and they do not have the intelligence to formulate any questions. Once the Scopolamine wears off the fantasy continues to motivate them. They do not have to remember the fantasy being implanted. It is the idea of the fantasy that will motivate them. They will follow their leader because in the back of their mind they believe they are doing something important, that they are a part of something important and that it is all a secret. The cult leaders will run one or more fantasies by reinforcing and directing the fantasies for members, using Scopolamine, when needed. Regardless of the fantasy the element of secrecy is always reinforced.

It is often the feeling that sticks more than the actual fantasy. In the case of the cadets they will feel too important to care. They will feel needed. They will feel protected. They will feel righteous. The will feel justified. They will feel like it is all a secret. They will feel subordinate to their cult leader. If they do not remember the fantasy they will make up reasons in their own heads as to why they feel how they do. Usually however, the, “made up reasons,” will closely mimic the implanted fantasy.

The two former Naval cadets could live for months or years thinking, or at least acting like, they are government agents helping to take down anything that threatens the country. Which could mean gangs, organized criminals, drug dealers and “dirty” cops when in reality they are just attacking anyone, including kids, who stand in the way of their agenda.

Eventually, the former cadets may figure it out. They may realize they are being lied to. The leader may not need them anymore and come clean. The leader may tell them how stupid they are to have believed they worked for the government all this time. What are the former cadets going to do? How many crimes have they committed believing they worked for the government? What kind of drugs have they take or sold? How many of the girls they had sex with where drugged? How many assaults did they participate in? Maybe they helped to kill someone? Who did they attack? Maybe the committed some acts of espionage, terrorism, or treason? If they try to leave the cult or report anything they could be arrested for many different crimes.

There was one guy I came across who claimed to work for the CIA. He was in his 50s or 60s. I am fairly sure he did not work for the CIA because if he did he would not be advertising to me that he worked for the CIA. He also made a comment that was something like, “He cannot be one of us if he is afraid to get in trouble,” referring to me of course. Working for the CIA is not about not getting in trouble. What the CIA does is usually much more important than if you get in trouble or not. But, the cult members are made to believe that what they do is just as important as the work of the CIA, NSA, etc. The cult leaders encourage their followers to believe in the fantasies.  As long as the leaders can keep a follower’s fantasies going they leaders can keep using the follower.

Initially the cult is whatever they can get the victim or new recruit to think they are. It depends on what the recruit’s fantasies are and what will resonate with them. The recruits end up living what are fantasies. The recruits may believe they are living their own fantasies and because of this many of them are actually happy. However, in reality they are living the fantasies their cult leaders gave them. Each leader may maintain a different fantasy as to what they are too. As I wrote in the beginning of this section some cult leaders run gangs while others may just run a “swingers club” for example. The “club” members may believe that everything that is happening is just hypnosis and that the victims are consenting adults. They may believe it is all just a mind game and no one gets hurt.

The leaders do not care what their followers think as long as they are doing what they are told and, “serving their purpose.” For many girls, their purpose is sex or to be with whoever the leaders want them to be with. I have talked mostly about male fantasies but consider a girl who likes movies like, “La Femme Nakita.” That girl could be made to believe she is working for the DEA or another government organization just like many men. She could think her “friend” is an ex-army ranger who is now working undercover for the DEA when in reality her “friend” is more like her pimp who tells her who to date, who to have sex with, and equally important who she cannot associate with.

Think about a girl who likes a movie like “Pretty Woman.” This girl could spend years of her life as an unpaid prostitute just because she is fantasizing about an attractive wealthy man who will come and take her away from it all. I am sure there are prostitutes who fantasize about a better life. Most people fantasize about a better life at some point or another. The difference here is that this girl is not a prostitute who is fantasizing about a better life this is a girl who becomes a prostitute destroying what was her real life because of an induced fantasy.

A person does not have to be smart or intelligent to know the difference between fantasy and reality. Even a person with a below average IQ knows the difference. But, with Scopolamine, a person can be coerced into living those fantasies. The female members may have two lives. They may have boyfriends, husbands, professional jobs, and kids while secretly cheating on their significant others in order to live the fantasy promoted by their cult leader. They may justify themselves by thinking they are sex addicts or that what their husband doesn’t know won’t hurt him. However, they don’t do what they do because they made a choice but because they were coerced through Scopolamine poisoning which induced a specific compulsion.

Over time most of the members will start thinking the same way and develop similar beliefs around their use of Scopolamine. Their personal philosophies will start to line up and match more closely to what I wrote about it the Philosophy section. I think eventually most of them realize they are in a cult of some sort but many of them will maintain the belief that what they are doing is legal or at least not that illegal. It seems that some of them think their cult leader has the authority or is allowed to poison people for some reason I have not determined. The followers may justify helping their cult leader by telling themselves that they are not the person who actually poisoned the victim so they are not responsible.

Many of the followers believe their cult leader is their friend. They do not realize they have ever been drugged or how the drug has affected them. Consider a person who has a “crew”. You do not have to be a criminal to have a “crew”. In a crew, there is usually one person who stands out as the leader but they all think they are just friends. The cult leaders “crew” are not their friends. The cult leaders may not have friends or if they do their real friends are other leaders and not members of their crew. The crew members have all been poisoned and coerced into following their crew leader but many of them will have no idea why they look up to their “crew” leader.

Followers are allowed to know it is all illegal if they can fantasize about being a person who would go along with the activities anyway. For example, a gang member may not care if it is legal or not and they may not care who the victim is and if any consent has been given or not. A young girl who likes to party may be OK with drugs but she may not want to hurt anyone so for her it must all be a game. While a police officer may need to believe that they only attack criminals.

It seems that over time and likely through regular Scopolamine use cult members stop taking reality seriously. I think part of that is the influence from the cult leaders but part is a result of the Scopolamine itself. On Scopolamine reality seems less real and fantasies seem more real. I think that over time the fantasy and the reality start to merge together and what is or was reality is not so important. It seems their fantasies start to interfere with what was their real life and eventually the fantasy and cult leader takes over. Which also means the reality of their victims and their crimes is not so important either, as long as they are doing what their cult leader wants them to do and, as long as they continue to get away with it.

1.7.2        Legitimizing Their Activities

In addition to the philosophical argument they use to try and convert new members I document in the Philosophy section the cult will make many claims to try and make themselves sound legitimate. I have broken it down into claims made to their members, observers or people who try to interfere, and victims. A lot of these claims will sound like things you might hear from bullies, rapist, thugs, con artists, etc. The cult leaders and their followers are all of those things but they have also incorporated a philosophy and drugs into their activities.

Claims for Members

I will go into this more in the section on fantasies but what the leaders tell their members and recruits changes depending on what fantasy that person is on. For example, some groups know they are criminals, some think they are part of a government organization, while some believe it is all a game. While they are all members, they come from different backgrounds, the goal is to eventually make them all believe and think in the same way.

One common way a leader trivializes what they are doing is that when a leader is confronted about something that is illegal the leaders will often say the word used is not what they are doing and then say, “It is just,” then state the definition of the word they were just questioned about. I am sure there is a name for this technique but here is an example to make it more clear.

Many members do not believe the high doses of Scopolamine they use cause brain damage. If questioned about it a leader would say something like, “It does not cause brain damage it just makes it difficult for a person to concentrate, remember new things, and learn for a while.” This is a true statement. In this case symptoms of brain damage or a traumatic brain injury are given as the reason it is not brain damage.

Another explanation I have heard is that, “It just changes the way you think.” Again, this is a true statement but the reason it changes the way a person thinks is because it has damaged the victims brain. Their brain must learn how to compensate for the broken links and lost information while trying to incorporate whatever their brain experienced while on Scopolamine.

Under normal conditions this strategy will often work with children but most adults would not fall for such a thing. We generally learn not to fall for such tricks as we grow up. However, a person that is currently on Scopolamine will accept this reasoning as a legitimate answer. While someone is on Scopolamine the way they think and reason can be altered. Once a person has accepted this line of reasoning as valid while they are on Scopolamine it remains a more valid way or reasoning once a person is no longer on Scopolamine. This psychological alteration makes a person more gullible and naïve even after the Scopolamine has worn off.

It is likely that once a person has been off of Scopolamine and dried out so to speak, they may be able to start thinking normally again. However, I assume prolonged exposure to the cult and after many uses of Scopolamine any physical and psychological brain damage becomes permanent.

In my examples, even a small child knows what brain damage is and that giving someone brain damage is wrong and there is no legal way to do it intentionally. However, it is not as bad if you are just making things more difficult for a person for a while. If you can define the word or phrase used to describe a criminal act with less significant words or phrases children will often accept the explanation. Criminals will trivialize their activities to their kids. The leaders do the same thing with their own kids and their followers.

As children, we are not only taught what is true and what to believe but we are also taught how to reason. However, as an adult if you have been reeducated, using Scopolamine, and taught what is reasonable logic then you can be made to accept the same logic as an excuse for doing many illegal, immoral, or unethical activities even if you are not on Scopolamine. Your brain has been taught to accept the new reasoning.

The leaders give similar excuses for why they are not a cult. “It isn’t a cult it is just a different way of thinking about things and a different way of living.” To many of the followers it is not a cult and the followers do not believe they force people to be a part of it and they let people out and everything they do is perfectly legal. leaders will use their logic to make their followers think that anyone, who never actually wanted in, and now wants out, chose to be a part of the cult and that they have to remain a part of their cult.

Many criminals get drawn in but even criminals often need a reason to commit the type of attacks the cults will execute. Depending on who the leaders are talking to they may say they could do a lot worse if they wanted to so they are being nice. They may tell their followers that they have been ordered to make the attack or that someone else is after the victim. They may tell their followers that they could kill the victim if they wanted to so what they are doing is better. This type of reasoning works for people who know they are criminals.

If followers argue the leaders may tell them, “you cannot think like that.” and that you have to think about it this “different” way. The “different” way is something that sounds less illegal, more ethical, or less immoral. The followers have experienced or at least seen what happens if someone disobeys or argues too much. The leaders will remind them of the consequences and the followers will accept what their leader tells them. Even the followers who think that what they are doing is legal know they do not want these things to happen to them. If bad things did happen they would not be able to report the crime because in their own minds it is not a crime. So, the followers go along with whatever their leader tells them.

Another regular tactic the leaders employ is to have one leader and his group drug a victim and another leader exploit the victim later. In this way, the second leader can claim to spectators and to his own followers that he did not give the victim anything. The leader may pretend to be able to hypnotize the victim. Again, not all members know they are in a cult or that Scopolamine is being used. For a leader of would be law abiding people they will keep the illusion that the victims are not being drugged, the victim consented to what is happening, and maybe that it is just a form of hypnosis.

Leaders will often have their followers commit the actual crime to avoid direct consequences. They have many followers believing they are working toward something. Like they are in the NSA or something like the boy scouts and this is how they can get a promotion.

Leaders may say that the victim is a part of it. They may say the victim is helping with the training or the victim themselves is being trained. They will say things like he has to catch us in the act or that you cannot tell him what happened because he has to figure it out for himself.

After an attack the leaders will stalk their victims. They may show their victims to their followers. He victim will have no idea what happened but the followers will see that the victim is OK. Even though the victim may have some minor brain damage, they may be completely paranoid or mentally unstable. But, the victim will have no idea why they feel the way the feel and they will not realize that they are acting any different than they always have.

Claims for Spectators

During an attack, the leaders and the members have many claims around their use of Scopolamine when questioned about it by a spectator. This is an ordered list designed to demonstrate a potential sequence of excuses.

They may first try to claim the victim is not on anything and that they are doing everything out of their own choice.

If that doesn’t work, they may claim the victim is just drunk or high and it was their own choice.

If that doesn’t work, they may claim the victim is just hypnotized. They may even produce a forged or fraudulent document claiming the victim agreed to whatever is happening.

If that doesn’t work, they may say it is some sort of training exercise.

If a spectator saw the drug or knows about Scopolamine they may say what they gave the victim was just a placebo or prop.

If that doesn’t work, they may claim that Scopolamine is legal or that the victim likes it.

If that doesn’t work, they may say they work for the government and that they are allowed to use Scopolamine.

If that doesn’t work, they may say the victim is some sort of criminal like a rapist or drug dealer. They may claim the use of Scopolamine is a minor crime and that the victim is a major criminal. They may claim what they are doing is a minor crime and that they have the authority over the victim who is a major criminal of some sort.

If that doesn’t work, they may just threaten whoever is interfering with violence or sexual assault. They may tell the spectator that they could do a lot worse to the victim but that what they are doing is the nice thing to do. They will tell spectators that they could kill them if they wanted to.

Claims for Victims

During an attack the cult leaders have various ways of legitimizing themselves to their victims. The victim will not be able to process what is going on and they are unlikely to remember anything from the attack but in most cases, they need the victim to “cooperate”.

They may start by telling the demented victim that this is something they wanted.

They may tell the demented victim that they agreed to this but they just do not remember.

They may tell their victim and others that they are trying to help.

They may coerce the victim to sign a contract to try and make it seem more legitimate to both the victims and their followers. If the victim will not sign it then they will forge a signature.

They may tell a victim they deserve this and that it is payback for something else which may or may not have ever happened.

If all else fails they will threaten the victim or the victim’s family with embarrassment, imprisonment, rape, physical assault, or death.

If the victim becomes too agitated or does become violent it will give the leaders an excuse to become violent with the victim.

1.7.3        Rape
This cult has many methods centered around sexual assault and rape. I think a section just for rape will be useful for anyone reading. They use rape to enforce subservience, prevent escape, entrapping people, and to lure in new members. Rape is also a first step for new recruits. Rape is a very useful tool for them.

A rape is one of the worst things an otherwise law abiding young man can be accused, charged, and convicted of. The only thing worse that I can think of is if a young man kills someone. Going to prison for a drug charge, theft, DWI, or even a major assault is something that over time a man can put behind him. However, a sex crime stays with him forever. Even if the charges do not stick just being accused of rape is devastating for a young man’s reputation.

The cult knows how bad a rape charge is for a young man and Scopolamine can be used to manipulate rape and sexual assault in many different ways. Using Scopolamine, they rape people regularly, they organize gang rapes, they stage rapes, they coerce rape, and they may even make people think they were raped when in fact they were not. It is my opinion that one of the primary reasons for distributing Scopolamine as a recreational drug is to encourage rape and sexual assault. A rape or accusation of rape is a situation the cult leaders can exploit.

Even for two consenting adults using Scopolamine and then having sex is a very bad idea. There are a number of ways sex can go very bad very fast on Scopolamine. In a best-case scenario, Scopolamine reduces a person to a very basic version of themselves.

Being on Scopolamine is a bit like being reduced to a monkey. Left to themselves there is a point on Scopolamine where a person is no longer capable of considering any consequences for their actions. Sometimes on alcohol people don’t care about consequences. On Scopolamine consequences, just don’t exit. All the socialization a person received as they grew up, how to act, how to treat girls, etc. no longer exists. This isn’t just about sex. There are so many things we do and don’t do because we consider consequences. Everything does not have criminal consequences. Sometimes they are professional, academic, financial, or a social consequence which a person on Scopolamine will be unable to think about. Some monkeys are aggressive, some are dominant, some are passive, and some are submissive. Monkeys rape each other all the time. People, especially young people, on Scopolamine can act in the same way.

In addition to the inability to consider consequences there is the possibility of hallucinations and major personality changes. People may behave much differently than they normally do. People may even blackout, skip in time, or hallucinate while having sex or during foreplay.

While on Scopolamine a person often reflects the attitude of the person they are interacting with. If a person is aggressive or sounds hostile the person on Scopolamine will see that person as a threat. It does not make any difference why the person is being hostile. The hostility could be directed toward someone else. This is a bad effect if a girl is trying to get a guy off of her. Instead of the guy realizing a girl is resisting because she wants to stop or slow down the guy may get more aggressive and forceful. The more aggressive the girl gets the more aggressive the guy will get but it is not a sexual response. It is more of an automatic self-defense. If they are both on Scopolamine the guy and girl may both have no idea what they are doing but this all can quickly lead to a sexual assault or rape. The next day they may both have forgotten it ever happened.

There is also the issue of not having any long-term memory. A person could “wake up” during foreplay or sex and have no idea how they got there, what they are doing, or who they are with.

All these effects of Scopolamine make sex on Scopolamine a very dangerous scenario.

In addition to the “natural” responses of a person on Scopolamine the cult leaders will manipulate people on Scopolamine with suggestions. As with a hypnotist and the so-called mentalist the cult leaders are good at identifying what mental state a person on Scopolamine is in. They know if the person is hallucinating, if their mind has gone blank, if they are open to suggestion, etc

I have seen the cult drug two people and send them to have sex with each other. I have seen them drug one person and stage a rape. I have seen them drug a girl without the guy knowing. I have seen them drug a person and then gang rape her. In the minds of the cult members they are not responsible for any of it. They do not see a problem with using Scopolamine and they believe the victims on Scopolamine are doing something they would do anyway.

So, for the cult members, committing a rape or gang rape is not rape because they are nice about it and ask the girl or guy nicely for permission. If the person refuses they simply get the victim to take more Scopolamine until they agree. As part of their supremacy belief the cult members think everyone else is just stupid and naive because they allowed themselves to be poisoned and responded just as most people do when over dosed with Scopolamine.

For example, a cult member may tell a girl on Scopolamine that they want to have sex with them. It is much like talking to a person who is in a hypnotic trance. They may tell her she likes to have sex with lots of guys. They may tell her she is very horny and wants to have sex with all of them. If the girl starts to resist they may back off and tell her that all the guy’s there like her which starts building her back up. They can use suggestion to build a girl up to the idea of being gang raped. If, during the rape, she starts to resist they will tell her it is what she wanted it and that she likes it. If she resists too much then they will give her a glass of water or a beer with Scopolamine. She will take a few sips and with it a few more milligrams of Scopolamine. In the mind of the cult members this is not rape. One way or another the girl will have agreed to all of it. Even the female members of the cult believe this is not rape. Most of them have been raped this way and they believe they agreed to all of it.

To spectators it may appear the girl is hypnotized or being seduced. The leader may make it sound like they are smooth and seductive when in reality the leader could just say to their victim something like, “You like sex. Think about sex. Think about sex with all of us. Sex. Sex. Think more about sex.” What they are really doing is putting the idea of having sex in the victim’s head. The victim will not be able to think about anything else and they will not be able to judge whether they should be or who they should be having sex with. It is a bit like seducing a person which a serious mental handicap. The victim becomes aroused they have no idea what they are doing.

However, leaders will threaten people who continually resists. I will talk about this more in the section on enforcing subservience but being threatened on Scopolamine is much more powerful than it should be. It is like threatening a young child who is all alone and away from their parents. The victim will not understand the threat but they will know they are being threatened. Threats against someone on Scopolamine is something the cult members do frequently for a variety of different reasons. Rape is just one of them.

In this example both the guy and the girl are victims. The cult leaders will claim a rape by drugging a guy and a girl and telling them to go have sex. It is usually that easy to get two people who are a little tipsy but high on Scopolamine to try to have sex. Especially if there is already some chemistry between them. Neither the girl or the guy will care if they have a significant other. The cult leader and his followers will then barge into the room and claim it is a rape. They will claim to have prevented or stopped a rape. Neither of the two victims may have any idea what actually happened. In this case, it seems to me like both are victims of rape but the rapist is the one using the Scopolamine.

The cult leaders will stage rape by getting a cult member in the same bed with a victim. This could be a date, it could be at a house party, or maybe a cult member goes home with the victim after a night at a dance club or bar. The victim will be drugged with Scopolamine and have no idea what they are doing. She may encourage his advances to a point and then suddenly start fighting him off. He will not be able to remember what he did or didn’t do. She can accuse him of rape and he may only remember her attacking him.

The cult members can create an actual rape by drugging a guy who is already in some sort of relationship with a girl. The girl may have no idea her date is drugged. He could become aggressive or stop responding to her during foreplay or sex.

The cult could drug a girl but not the guy in the relationship. The girl could become delusional or start hallucinating during foreplay or sex. She may start to skip time and lose memories. She may think the guy did something to her when in fact he was just going along with her.

If a victim has or at least thinks they have committed a rape the cult leaders will use it to blackmail the victim.

They may also use the accusation of rape to turn people against the victim. They may use the accusation of rape to lure more people into the cult. For example, many police and military personnel have a strong sense of chivalry and a fantasy of being some type of vigilant which the cult leaders can exploit. The righteous vigilantes go and take vengeance on the person who is already a victim. It may not take any Scopolamine to induce such a response. But, a light dose would be enough for most righteously minded authoritative people. Those vigilantes will commit a serious crime which the cult leaders can exploit when necessary.

The cult may also use the accusation of rape to turn the friends of the victim against the victim. This will quickly isolate the victim which is part of being forced into the cult. I think many followers have been forced in this way.

So, what happens once the Scopolamine wears off? I have written about how Scopolamine can be used to condition a person and to create PTSD. What a person does on Scopolamine can become a regular behavior. With Scopolamine is easier to creating a behavior than it is to stop one. A person who commits a sexual assault or rape while on Scopolamine may do it again without Scopolamine. Sexual assault can become a conditioned response to what should just be foreplay. A person may “blackout” and return to the state they were in while on Scopolamine during foreplay without realizing what they are doing. They may become sexually aggressive like the monkey they were on Scopolamine and not realize that they are doing anything wrong. At some point the victim may snap out of it but by then the damage has been done. Now there are two victims but only one who could go to prison.

It is also true that a person who has suffered being raped or just exposed to rape, particularly a male, is more likely to be sexually aggressive and rape others. Scopolamine amplifies this effect. A person traumatized on Scopolamine is nearly guaranteed to block the memory through repression or denial. A victim cannot deal with or seek help to deal with a traumatic experience if they do not know the experience exists. It seems like the entire cult has this problem. Nearly all the male members rape. Even the females like to watch rape, they will help stage rape, they will help to lure girls and guys in to be raped. The girls may even rape other girls themselves.

There are a few members who become submissive but then they become regular victims for other cult members. They capitulate to sex so they do not get raped. Which is interesting because that too is being raped. I am sure psychologist have a name for it but to me it seems like a type of Stockholm syndrome.

The cult members see these manipulations as fun and entertaining. In general, the cult members do not think what we think of as rape as being wrong. They may think beating, raping, and killing someone as wrong but drugging someone, threatening someone, or even holding them down while they are raped is not something they think is wrong. They will use a sexual assault to their advantage to get people in trouble but they do not believe it is wrong. They all have the mental illness of being rapist but they do not see it as an illness. For them it is more like rape or be raped, kill or be killed, use or get used. Generally, they have all seem to have rationalized the rape away while they were high on Scopolamine.

1.7.4        Propping Themselves Up

The cult leaders will use unknown people to make themselves look good. They teach their kids to do the same. They also prop up their followers with false confidence but I will write more about that in the section on Training Conversion and Fantasies.

In general, the cult leaders will claim to be in competition with people who do not know they exist. This is an intentional effort to make themselves look good and bolster their own confidence. Their efforts are similar to how they train race horses. When training race horses against each other they will often use one horse and not allow it to win in order to give the other horse confidence that it can win. The cult leaders will find some that at first sight may be larger, louder, or better spoken than themselves. They pick a person who at first glance looks better than themselves. This is not a nemesis or bully situation. However, the cult leaders may claim that the person they are attacking is a bully or their nemesis.

Think about who you were jealous of growing up. It would be someone that you may wish you could have been like. Many of us had those growing up. We get over it and we can use that jealousy to give us motivation and make us better. However, a person being raised on Scopolamine will not figure this out because they have the option of using Scopolamine to attack people they are jealous of. While I might have seen a person I was jealous of as competition and use that to drive me forward they will poison and attack their jealousy. So in a way they do use the jealousy to make themselves better. This is a demented twisted on the concept of using adversity to better oneself which they have probably reasoned through while on Scopolamine. Psychologists may have a good explanation for this type of illness but sociopath is the best term I can come up with.

In general, the cult seems to suppress some feelings while allowing the effects of some to be amplified. They will suppress something like sympathy but allow jealousy to fester. Then again, I am not sure they really understand what feelings like jealousy are.

They will attack the same victim repeatedly without their victims realizing they are being attacked. They will tell stories about their victims to others so that when they attack the victim it makes them more popular or look like the good guy so to speak. They may even build up their victim by telling other’s stories that may the victim look good before “bringing them down”. They will poison their victim so the victim looks bad but the victim will not have any idea that they are poisoned or that they have been used. He victim will most likely only know their attacker in passing. Someone from church or school or someone who runs around in the same crowds as they do. It could be anyone who has more popularity or authority than they do but is still an easy target.

Read the section on attacking others to better understand how these attacks may take place.

1.7.5        Playing All Sides

One thing the cult does well is to play all sides. What I mean by playing all sides is that they will have a cult leader who represents drug dealers or a gang while another cult leader represents a police department or a group of former military and another cult leader who represents a group of professionals.

The cult leaders do not have what most people think of as normal morality. They do not care about drug dealing, illegal pornography, prostitution, rape, etc. They will do whatever they can get away with. They will have people or a group of people in place in any organization they have taken over or want to take over. Having people in as many professions, both legal and illegal, allows them to recruit, influence, and control from many different directions. In general, they will have who should be the good guys, the bad guys, and everything in between. I write it that way because when on Scopolamine your level of processing is pretty much that. There are good guys and then there are bad guys. You cannot consider the complexity of the situation when drugged and, for a while, it is very difficult to think clearly even after the Scopolamine wears off.

Having local police and former military should be an obvious advantage. They will be used to cover up for the activities of the rest of the cult. These are the people who should be the good guys. They are also useful when entrapping a person who resists the cult. There is a process they refer to as breaking someone which they do to a person under the influence of Scopolamine. I will write about this more in the section on Conversion but part of that process is making a person feel guilty and helpless. Having actual police available to threaten a person on Scopolamine with arrest and criminal prosecution if they do not capitulate is part of that process.

One advantage of playing all sides is that a new member can be completely absorbed by and surrounded by the cult. A person may start working for a company dominated by the cult while their supposedly new friends are also part of the cult. A young professional may also buy coke or marijuana occasionally from a dealer who is also part of the cult. If a cult leader starts to harass, blackmail, or demand something of the new member the new member may turn to their new friends or a police officer for help. But they are all part of the same cult. New members will feel helpless and think they have nowhere to turn for help. The new member will get the idea that everyone is in on it.

1.7.6        Recruitment

The cults use various ways to lure people in. How they do it depends on who they are trying to incorporate. They use different tactics depending on if it is a child or an adult, and if the adult is just a college student, a government official with authority, or already a criminal of some sort. I will start with children and kids, then write about adults, first college age young adults, then government employees, and then active criminals and ex-convicts.

When I was a child the cult leaders would give their kids what I think is Scopace. I have written about it before. Scopace is a drug that was previously used to treat nausea, motion sickness, and IBS. Scopace is a 0.4 mg Scopolamine tablet which you chew. Actually, it dissolves in your mouth in just a few seconds. It was legal and could be brought into the schools, churches, etc. I am guessing that the child dose of Scopace would have been no more than half the tablet or 0.2 mg. However, I do not think any of the kids I saw with Scopace had any real need for it. Currently, Scopace is not legal in the US. From the research I have seen the 0.4 mg dose was considered the maximum safe dosage an adult can take before they become mentally impaired. A 0.6 mg dose is enough to make an adult mentally impaired. It is likely that a 0.4 mg dose on a child, especially one who had never taken it before, was plenty to make that child mentally impaired.

One of the first times I ever saw Scopace being used was in Sunday school. I was exposed to Scopolamine (Scopace) in elementary school too which makes sense because a number of people from my church also went to my elementary school. In Sunday school, there were three kids who would sit together. They may have been my age or a year younger. There were two boys and one blond girl. I was probably only 10 or 11 but I remember I though the blond was very pretty. We did not go to church all the time and we did not go to Sunday School very often so I did not see these kids very much. One morning the two guys offered the girl who was sitting in the middle a tablet of what today I assume is Scopace. I think they tried to get me to take one two but I do not know if I took one or not. I do remember them telling her, “you are not a good girl.” Then telling her, “He thinks you are a good girl.” Then her responding, “I am not a good girl.” I also remember telling one of the guys either that, “You are evil,” or “that is evil.” I am not sure why I thought they were evil but I as far as I can tell I was pretty much right.

The reason I am writing about that event is because that is not the only time they have gotten kids high on Scopolamine and told them they are not a good person. They have tried this with me more than once. The point of this statement is to put the idea into the victim’s head that they are not good. This is like a hypnotic suggestion but with Scopolamine the suggestion is much stronger and lasts longer. This does not instantly turn a person into a murderer or a criminal but it makes them start to think a little differently. The victim will stop thinking that they must be honest, moral, ethical, etc. But, perhaps more importantly it makes them willing to accept other people who are not honest, moral, or ethical. The coercion allows the victim to think they do not have to follow the rules. They are more willing to associate with and accept liars, cheats, and when they get older various sorts of criminals. When recruiting kids this is one of the first step in making a young person someone they can use as a follower. If the cult kids can stay around the victim as classmates, they can keep influencing them and drugging them on a regular basis if necessary. The cult kids can give their victim other suggestions later such as, “I am your best friend,” and “, you have to trust me.” These are simple coercions any kid can learn given they have access to a source of Scopolamine. The victim will have no idea how much they are being influenced.

It was also easy to get a child to take Scopace. Scopace is a small tablet which does look like an aspirin tablet or to a kid a small mint. In addition to the active ingredient the tablet contains sugar and maybe some flavoring so it does not taste bitter. They may tell the child it is Scopace or Scopolamine. But when asked, “What is Scopace?” they will say it is something trivial like a mint or candy. Even as an adult I can see Scopace being the name of a type of mint like Altoids. They could even tell a kid it is just something astronauts use. I still like mints and candy and as a kid I would want something astronauts use. Once a kid has taken one tablet it is easy to get them to take more if the one was not enough to get the desired effect.

Another way they recruit high school kids is to tell them about how much success they will have if they use the cults methods to influence and control people. I have already written about this recruitment tactic. They do not tell anyone they are a cult and they make it sound legal and legitimate. They make is sound like it is just hypnosis, persuasion, or the power of suggestion. Once kids see how it works and start using it they can become addicted to the power it gives them over others. They will become “power mad”.

If you take a course on hypnosis or mentalism you will practice on each other. I am sure in their training they take plenty of Scopolamine themselves. Taking Scopolamine helps with the conversion process. If a recruit expresses some reservations about the legality of using Scopolamine or the long term affect it has on the victims that student will be drugged and those reservations can be removed. It is possible to remove these reservations by giving someone a reasonable dose of Scopolamine and then asking them about why they do not like Scopolamine or why they are worried about the people they give Scopolamine to. The teacher can use the philosophies I wrote about in the Philosophy section and I am sure there are others to explain it all in a way the student will accept. Imagine debating a person who is mentally handicapped. Eventually, any reservations including what should be compassion and normal human decency toward the victims is removed.

The group who approached us presented themselves as if they were part of the government and an early identification program. As far as I can tell that was a lie. Then again, I am not sure if they really said who they were. They may have just allowed us to believe whatever we wanted. We had heard rumors about the CIA and NSA recruiting out of our school. You need to know that the school I was attending was for gifted high school students. You may think that I do not write very well but reading and writing is by far my weakest subject. I should not be writing anything let alone what is turning into a book about cults. However, in mathematics and science I am way above average. But, I was only average for the school I was attending. Having someone like the CIA, NSA, or DOD come in to evaluate us was not that farfetched. The kids that attend that school are told from the beginning that they are some of the smartest kids in the country. The cult made them feel like they would be a part of something important and that they are being given important information.

There are several reasons why I do not think they had anything to do with the government. The first is that we were freshman. It is my experience that general recruiting does not start until at least the junior year except for maybe an individual that really stands out. They would not broadcast any sort of recruitment message to freshman. The second is that everyone knows espionage is not legal. The CIA spies on and undermines foreign governments. We all know that what the CIA does is not legal. The same is true for the NSA and even the DOD Counter Intelligence. There are things that only those organizations can do and that are not be expressly legal. Any civilian would end up in prison for doing some of the stuff the CIA, NSA, and Counter Intelligence does. Had they told me that they were teaching us techniques to infiltrate foreign governments or identify terrorist threats instead of trying to convince me it was all legal and I could do it to anyone I wanted I probably would not have argued. The CIA, NSA, Counter Intelligence etc. does not need to convince people interested in working for them that what they are doing is legal. What the cult leaders were offering was a way to legally manipulate anyone, not just criminals or terrorists, using drugs. So, for me, that included girls, teachers, bosses, and any competition I may come up against throughout my life. I knew it was not legal to give my boss drugs to get a promotion just like I knew it was not legal to secretly or deceptively give a girl drugs to get laid. But, if I was a government agent I would not care if it was legal or not.

Please read the section on infiltration to learn more about how this cult gets into schools.

I will add more about how they recruit adults later.

1.7.7    Infiltration

I have a feeling that most people will not read this section to the end so I am giving you the point of this section first. Even if it is at school and during regular school hours if anyone ever makes odd claims or puts you in an uncomfortable situation and claims to be working for the NSA, CIA, Counter Intelligence, DOD, DEA, FBI, Police, or just says they work for the government you must make them prove it. There are numbers you can find online for each government agency that exist to confirm a person’s employment with that agency. If they try to tell you that they are undercover or deep cover or make up some other excuse as to why their agency would not be able to confirm their employment then they are lying to you. If they were actually undercover then they would not tell you who they work for. Agents undercover will not tell you they are agents undercover. Regardless of what you are told you are not that special. No one is confiding in you. If you call the frauds out on their lie they may try to threaten you or even try to get you to drink something or take some type of pill. Outside of the medical profession there are no members of any government organization who have the authority to give anyone, especially a minor, any drugs of any kind. Anyone trying to get you to take any drugs would either be a fraud or, if they actually work for who they claim then, they are definitely corrupt. For example, the CIA cannot even use drugs on the detainees/terrorist in Guantanamo Bay, hence the water boarding. Do not take what they are offering you, run away and call 911. Unfortunately, the criminals I am writing about typically drug people covertly before trying to convince them of their identity. Once drugged it is very hard to make the right choices however, by reading this section you will already have knowledge I did not have and hopefully even if you are not thinking clearly you will remember that you must get out of there and call for help.

This section is about a group of individuals I have been writing about who infiltrated a high school using Scopolamine. I am documenting this to the best of my memory. These events happened several decades ago and I do not remember it with full clarity. Furthermore, several of the incidents I am documented occurred while I was under the influence of Scopolamine. I did not remember those events at all until recently.

When reading this section I do not really expect you to believe me. However, if you read this section and allow your kids to read it as well then, if they ever witness or experience something similar they will better understand what is happening, they will know they must do something about it, and report it.

This infiltration involved several premeditated felony assaults on minors, criminal negligence, maybe child abuse, fraud, and maybe a form of conspiracy. I am not sure what the cut off age is for child abuse and it may vary from one jurisdiction to the next but an adult using a potentially lethal neurotoxin on children is child abuse. High doses of Scopolamine have effects and cause brain damage like what would happen if you were hit in the forehead with a baseball bat. With overdoses of Scopolamine there will be immediate effects and side effects as there would be if you had a major concussion. The effects of high doses of Scopolamine can also be compared to the effects of PCP. There are also crimes associated with coercing a minor to sign an illegal contract. There are also crimes associated with bringing controlled substance like Scopolamine onto the grounds of a public high school and distributing those drugs. That activity is a crime regardless of if the consumer was voluntarily taking the drugs or not. I am writing in detail about this school because the successful infiltration and conversion of at least several students, that I know of, has served as a staging ground for future efforts.

Before going into the incidents, I want to provide some background information. In other sections I have written about how the public high school I attended my freshman year was one of the most elite public high schools in the United States. The students at this school are everything from your basic overachievers all the way up to what you might call a super genius. It was expected that many students from this school would go on to do some great things. They were expected to become doctors, lawyers, and leaders in industry. They were expected to work for the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. They were expected to become high ranking officers in the military and politicians. They have, in recent years, made rules that would expel anyone who did not maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. Given the level of course work a 3.0 GPA is far more difficult in this school than in any normal public high school.

There is an expression that goes something like, “If you are not cheating then you are not trying hard enough.” Certain forms of cheating were often over looked in this school. Usually it was just one student copying the homework of another student. The group that attacked me and several of my classmates exploited that mentality. Being able to infiltrate this school and recruit members is a huge victory for any criminal organization. It is self-evident that having members who work in various high ranking positions in the government and in industry is a huge advantage for any group of organized criminals. Even if their members do not make it to high levels just having members who have connections to significant people is an advantage.

Infiltrating this high school was not very difficult. It relied on the collaboration of only one teacher. No one would have expected this form of attack in any school and certainly not this school. In my case I believe it also involved the cooperation of a handful of teachers and administrators who knew something happened but chose to remain quiet in order to avoid a scandal. There were discussions and arguments regarding the incidents with people other than those who were directly involved.

The worst of the offenders got into the school simply by parking a car and walking in. Having someone come in from industry or the government and giving a presentation or lecture during or after school was nothing out of the ordinary. However, I do not think these lecturers registered at the administration office. They were not actually supposed to be there but no one stopped them because there was no one watching the doors. The teacher told them where her room was, when to be there, and let them into the room. This school did not have any security to speak of.

The individuals who executed the attacks would have to be very confident that they are doing something they should be doing and believe they will get away with it. While they may have been on some drugs other than just Scopolamine these were not crack dealers or troubled kids armed with assault rifles. Knowing what I know now and based on one of the adult male’s personality he was most likely an ex-convict who learned either in prison or shortly after prison that he did not need a baseball bat, a knife, or a gun to get what he wanted. He discovered, with help, that all he needed was the right poison.

I have already mentioned most of these events previously but, there were five significant events that I can recall at this school. The first was being given milk laced with Scopolamine or Scopace by another student during lunch. The second was a distribution of Scopolamine or Scopace to myself and possibly several other students during class. The third was the discussion from my teacher about how using hypnosis and drugs which induced, what she called “hypnosis,” was legal. The fourth was a presentation about the brain and various neural receptors. The fifth was the most significant attack against me at this school. This time by an adult who distributed Scopolamine to me and several other students in a drink. I am going to write about each event with as much detail as I can while still maintaining anonymity. I am still working on my memories and the more I remember the clearer events get. There a many small details I have left out as they are not totally clear to me. These memories are decades old and some were made under the influence of Scopolamine and completely repressed or hidden depending on how you want to describe it.

While reading about these incidents try to remember I was 14 and in a very selective school. I am not sure what kind of high school you went to. I hear there are very rough schools, especially in the inner cities. At my school, we were only supposed to be worried about the stringent academic requirements. I was aware of the possibility of being pranked with something that tasted bad or made my mouth turn blue or maybe sitting on a tack. I would have expected simple and mostly harmless pranks like that. I do not think anyone thought about fighting and it was never a consideration that someone would give me any sort of controlled substance during school. It was also never a consideration that any adult working at the school would deliberately work against my interest and either violate the law themselves or allow others to do it in their place.

Incident 1

I was and still am what you would call a loaner. Maybe I was just not well liked but I usually ate lunch alone because it was easier and faster that way. Until recently, I did not remember this event ever happening but one day a couple of kids came to sit across from me at the lunch table. I will call the brown-haired kid male 1 and the light or blond haired kid male 2. They acted friendly enough. Male 1 offered me his milk. I was very suspicious because he was offering me an opened milk which he said he did not like. I had questions like, why was the milk opened if he knew he did not like milk? If he normally liked milk then is this milk bad? I thought maybe he had spit in it or something but again I never suspected someone would poison me. But, in the end, he convinced me to drink the milk. After I drank the milk he started to taunt me. He started to tell me how they were not my friends and that no one liked me. Normally, this would have little to no effect on me. I did not ask them to be my friends and I did not care if they were or not. I did not know who they were in the first place. To me they were just other students. But, this time I remember getting very upset and just sitting there. I do not remember if I was crying or not but I may have been. Then, because I did not return to class when the lunch period ended someone found me when the second lunch period began. The person who found me I will call female 1. There ended up being a couple of other females with her. The person who found me was someone I knew at the time but I cannot remember now who it was. I know it was a female that I knew and who knew me.

Incident 2

The second incident I also did not remember until recently. One day there was this relatively new kid in my English class who handed out some sort of tablet during class. I will call this person male 3. However, male 3 and male 1 may have been the same person. I did not know either of them. I did not know what the tablets were. They looked like they could have been a mint like Certs or Altoids. Male 3 was sitting three seats to my left. To his right was a blond girl I will call female 2. I knew her. Then another guy I will call male 4. I knew him also. Then it was me. To clarify, in the row from the teacher’s perspective going right to left it was male 3, female 2, male 4, and then myself.

Male 3 handed the tablets to his right. At the time, I assumed female 2 and male 4 also took one. At first I did not want it. Then male 4 said it was just candy. I asked him if he had taken one and he said yes. While I did not know nor really trust male 3 (the guy who was giving out the “candy”) I knew male 4. I was not really friends with him but I did not distrust him. I never would have imagined he was giving me anything like Scopolamine or Scopace. My biggest fear in school was that it would taste bad or make my mouth turn colors. So, after a little persuasion, I took the tablet. As far as I knew we were all just having some kind of candy or mint. But, then again, maybe they all lied just so I would take it. Which, in looking back today, seems far more likely.

After this I remember being sent to the principal’s office for what I think was talking out loud, out of place, and in general being disruptive. I think I was hallucinating. I remember that I yelled something and then everyone looking at me. I thought people kept talking to me and I was telling them to be quiet.

It may have been the assistant principle, or an advisor, or a guidance counselor, who I saw. I am not really sure. I do not think I had ever talked to this guy before. He asked me if I took anything and if I was on drugs and if I was OK. I responded that I had not because I did not remember taking anything. Even if I had remembered taking the tablet I did not know it was any sort of controlled substance. I think male 3 was also sent to the principal’s office. I think the teacher had some idea regarding what was happening. Again, I never remembered any of this happening until recently.

Incident 3

My regular English teacher went on an extended leave that year and I cannot remember why. Perhaps it was her sabbatical. It was after these first two incidents that a substitute English teacher who I will call female 3 said that if you can hypnotize someone and get them to do something such as have sex with you then it is perfectly legal. She was telling us how hypnosis is a powerful tool. She explained that with hypnosis you could make someone else want to do what you told them and then it would be their choice. If it was their choice then what ever you got them to do would be legal. She tried to explain how a person will not do anything while hypnotized that they would not do anyway. She made it sound like simple persuasion. She was saying all this to freshman of 14 – 15 years old.

I kept refuting her logic and arguing with her. I wanted to know that if it was just persuasion then why did the person have to hypnotized? I knew a little bit about hypnosis or at least I knew of hypnosis. What she was saying did not make any sense to me. I gave her a hypothetical situation in which I told her if I put a gun to her head she would want to do what I told her to do also but that did not make it legal. Hypothetically speaking whatever I tell someone to do, in most cases at least, would be better than dying, so the person would want to do it. It would be their choice to do what I told them. But, of course that is not legal. My point was that there are many ways to make someone else want to do what you want them to do but they are not all legal. I was arguing about the difference between persuasion and coercion without realizing it.

She went on to tell us that it was legal to use a drug to “hypnotize” someone. Of course, I argued with this too. The kid who gave me the tablets in the second incident, male 3, told me to quit arguing with her and listen. He told me that, “She is trying to help you.” I did not know what he was talking about.

She was not trying to warn her class and tell us about a way criminals commit crimes. She was trying to convince us that it was not a crime. I told her that it would be a crime to give someone drugs. She said something like if you did not remember the crime and no one reported the crime then it was not a crime. I again went back to my hypothetical gun scenario and told her something like if I walked up behind someone and shot them in the back of the head then they would not know a crime was committed and if I disposed of the body no one would report a crime. Then I asked her, “Are you saying that if I killed someone in this way it is not a crime?”

After a while I think she became upset and went back to her desk and sat down. There were a few other kids in that class who were agreeing with me but maybe not arguing so emphatically. Most of the kids in the school were good students and taught to never argue with a teacher and in general I did the same. However, I was not afraid to ask questions when I did not understand something I absolutely did not understand this. But, I guess in this case what she was just too ridiculous. Like I said, I think she became fairly upset after attempting to convince me and the rest of her students of her perspective on hypnosis and certain drugs which caused what she claimed was the same thing as hypnosis.

Incident 4

It was after this lecture by the teacher that there was a presentation about neural receptors. I will call the presenter male 5. I am not sure if he told us he was NSA, told us his information came from the NSA, or if someone else in the class asked if he was NSA and he allowed us to believe he was NSA but, I had the idea that he was from the NSA. However, he was not.

The lecturer told us about different types of receptors and he had some explanation about certain receptors being more evolved on the evolutionary scale. I again had some arguments for this lecturer. I am still looking for more information on the genetics of the M1 and other muscarinic receptors but I do not think there is any scientific research which supports what this presenter was telling us. The lecturer was trying to tell us something about certain people being genetically superior because of either their possession of, or lack of, certain receptors in their brain.

I then remember making a sarcastic comment about the fact that I do not have wisdom teeth so I must be genetically superior too. I think someone else in the class had an example of why they should be superior as well. I also think someone compared the ideas of this presenter to a Nazi given he was talking about an inherent genetic superiority of certain humans over others.

Incident 5

This is another incident I never remembered until recently. I had been told about what was supposed to be a hypnosis club or a class on hypnosis. It may have been part of our substitute, female 3’s, presentation about hypnosis I wrote about in Incident 3. I was not that interested after the discussion with the teacher.

However, when I was headed to the gym for the free period a guy, I will call male 6, came and got me and told me they really wanted me to come to the meeting. I was not completely against learning about hypnosis so I went. When I got to the room everyone else was already there and waiting on me. I think there was about 6 other kids there. Male 1 and/or male 3 was there. I also think female 2 was there but it may have been another female so I will call this person female 4. There was also who I am calling male 6 and male 7 there. The adult male, who I will call male 8, was staring at me and looked angry however I had no idea why because I was just told to come and showed up as fast as I could. I do not think I ever signed up for it but I was invited to go.

In the beginning of what was supposed to be a presentation the instructor, male 8, was giving everyone a choice between what I remember being apple juice and sweet tea. The kid from my English class, male 3, was helping the adult presenter distribute the beverages. I told them I did not want anything. I was a very hyper kid and I avoided sugar unless I was about to perform some sort of exercise. Sugar made me hyper, fidgety, and it would make me talkative and difficult for me to focus. Just eating lunch could make me hyper. I also tried to be healthy and in my opinion neither option had nutritional value. I also did not really like apple juice and I never drank tea with sugar in it. The guy running the class, male 8, was very adamant about me drinking something like everyone else. It seemed very weird. They were trying to use peer pressure in order to get me to drink the juice. It seemed totally unnecessary. I was not thirsty or hungry. I told him why I did not want the juice so male 3 got orange juice so I would drink something like everyone else. In my opinion orange juice had a lot of vitamins while apple juice did not. So, I did drink the orange juice.

At some point after I drank the juice the guy started talking to me. He tried to get me to solve some math problems. He was asking me multiplication problems. The guy two seats to my left, male 3, who also helped distribute the juice said, “He can’t do it.” The instructor, male 8, said, “hold on maybe he is immune.” I was definitely having trouble on what should be relatively easy math problems. I think I asked for a piece of paper but he said I had to do it in my head. It started to feel like some sort of challenge so I took it seriously. The guy to my left, male 3, put another tablet on my desk and said, “he is not immune, give him that.” I remember the adult, male 8, gave the kid a dirty look and said something like, “You are not supposed to have that.” I am not sure if I took the tablet or not but eventually I could no longer solve any math problems. My mind kept going blank when I tried to solve the problem. I could not keep it all in my head.

At one point one of the guys to my right, male 7, said, “I feel really weird.” Another guy to my right, male 6, said, “I don’t feel anything.”

At one point, the instructor, male 8, also put a piece of paper in front of me and maybe all of us. He tried to get me to sign the paper. He said it was some sort of a waiver. I argued with him about the paper too. I told him I could not sign it. I think I tried to read it but I could not make sense of it. Maybe he kept interrupting my train of thought or I just could not think clearly as I tried to read. He told me I had to sign it. I said I was just 14 and I could not sign it. He was basically yelling at me. He looked at me and said, “Sign it.” So, I think I signed it. Then he told the rest of the class, “See, that is the power of suggestion.”

The guy to my right, male 6, who said already that he did not feel anything said, “that is not a suggestion you basically just threatened him.”

Then I remember the instructor, male 8, yelling at me. He was telling me to shut up. He was telling me, “no one wants you here,” “no one likes you,” and “you should leave.” I remember the girl, female 4, asking the guy to my left, male 3, “why is he yelling at him?” Male 3 said, “He has to or else it won’t work.” I did get upset. I remember telling him that, “I was asked to be here.” By that time in my life I had had plenty of coaches yell at me before. I was not then nor am I now that easily upset.

Again, I think the guy to my right, male 6, said something like, “That is not hypnosis.”

The very last thing I remember is the instructor, male 8, out in the hall arguing with another teacher who I will call female 5. I think she came out of her room because she heard the yelling. There were some comments like, “I know what hypnosis is and that is not hypnosis.” The guy said something like, “We built this school and we get first dibs on the students.” I think he said, “We are the CIA.” She said, “You are not the CIA,” and then questioned if he ever checked in with administration. He said, “We are like the CIA. We do the same thing.” I think he, male 8, then threatened the other teacher.

When my regular English teacher returned who I will call female 6, I remember her making a comment about how the substitute, female 3, would not be teaching at that High School again. She said she would not be teaching anywhere again. It all seemed strange to me. I did not remember the particularly bad incidents where I had been drugged. However, no one ever reminded me of what happened or told my parents. I never saw a doctor for a possible overdose of anything and I never saw a psychologist.

My Interpretation

I think there are many lessons that can be learned from these incidents. There is actually a lot of information here that can be analyzed. These incidents are good examples of how this group operates around young people. Had I remembered all the incidents back then there would have been many things I would have learned and many things I would have done differently. As it was, in my head, I made up an excuse to leave that High School. However, I was very happy there most of the year. It was not until the last part of the year that I decided I did not want to be there anymore. It was not until after the incidents above, most of which I did not remember, that I wanted to leave.

The first thing you should take away from these incidents is that the people who did this have no problem going after kids. There excuse for going after kids is that, “Kids grow up to be adults.” I and my class mates were all 14 and 15 years old. To my knowledge no one was sexually abused during these incidents but future incidents tell me this group will poison girls as young as 16 in order to get them to agree to having sex with numerous adult males at the same time. That is organized premeditated gang rape. In addition to rape the intent is to convert kids by convincing them that what they are doing is not a crime. However, just giving Scopolamine, in any form, to anyone, without a prescription or giving an overdose of Scopolamine to anyone at all, including to a minor, is a felony crime all by itself.

The second is that this is a good explanation of this groups beliefs. These basic ideas about hypnosis and the use of Scopolamine or any other drug to produce what they call hypnosis is how they interest many young people. They entice them with the promises of success and power over others. Because they tell everyone that it is all legal they can draw in many people who would otherwise be honest law abiding individuals. They make it sound like at worst case it is just be a minor misdemeanor or a form of cheating.

There is something that is called covert hypnosis and conversational hypnosis which a number of people claim they can teach you. They will also claim that it is all legal because hypnosis is legal. However, a lawyer in Ohio was sentenced to 12 years in prison in 2016 for using such methods. While it may be unethical and a lawyer may even get disbarred for it, a having sex with clients is not a felony someone would go to prison for.  This lawyer is going to prison because he used hypnosis to coerce his clients into performing sexual acts for him and not because they were his clients. Anyone using hypnosis to coerce someone into performing any sexual act is a rapist.

The group who attacked me claims that because hypnosis is legal, Scopolamine is legal, and sex (for example) is legal than everything they do is legal. All of those things are legal under certain circumstances. However, baseball bats are also legal but not if you use one to threaten, coerce, exploit, physically or emotionally harm, or kill someone else then they become illegal weapons. In addition to sex this group will coerce people to commit many other crimes for which they take no responsibility.

The third lesson is what this group believes to be a valid agreement. The way in which the “instructor” in incident 5 got me to sign the contract was immoral, unethical, and completely illegal. It is also illegal and invalid for a 14 year old to sign any binding agreement at all. From what I have put together the nature of the contract itself was illegal. I have never seen the contract when I was not drugged but from what I can remember it is basically like signing yourself into a form of slavery. It basically states that you are property of what I call a cult and they can do whatever they want with you and that they are not responsible for any physical or psychological harm.

There are several ways this group tries to get victims and future members to accept their, “fait.” One way they do this is to make their target feel guilty. They want their target to feel like they did something wrong and so now they deserve what is happening to them. Another way is to make their target think they agreed to everything that may happen. It is possible that all the members where drugged into signing illegal contracts at some point. So now, they believe their imprisonment was by their own choice and so they can imprison others in the same way. They also use the contract to “prove” to other members of the victim’s compliance. Since I have been an adult and while I was drugged I have been told, “You agreed to this.” They have also said, “She agreed to this,” referring to several different females at different times. Whatever their reasons the members truly believe that what I signed when I was 14 was a legitimate and binding contract however I have no copy of that contract and they have failed to provide me with one which is another crime.

The fourth thing you should take away is that members of this group teach their kids how to do what the adults do. Male 1 and Male 3, who may have been the same person, already had Scopolamine and they knew how to use it. Most likely they had been taught how to use it by their parents.

I believe the kids in school were using Scopace which is a 0.4 mg dose. Scopace was available by prescription and it would have been allowed in the school. Scopace is not that small and it is not pure Scopolamine. It would likely take more than one Scopace tablet to have a significant effect on a person.

The adults use a much stronger dose of Scopolamine. Since these high school incidents, as an adult, I have seen them using a much smaller tablet which is a 5 – 10 mg tablet of nearly pure Scopolamine. The tablets are pressed Scopolamine powder most likely smuggled in from countries where it is readily available. A 10 mg tablet is tiny and easy to conceal. However, 10 mg of Scopolamine is 25 times any legal prescription dose. A few of these tablets in a half gallon of juice is enough to poison many people. Just possessing this form of Scopolamine is a felony possession.

Here is an example to help you put the size and strength of their tablets in perspective. Imagine an Ibuprofen (Advil) tablet. An Ibuprofen tablet is typically 200 mg and you usually take 2 of them. So a regular dose of this over the counter drug is 400 mg. A 10 mg tablet of Scopolamine is 25 times the prescription dose of the 0.4 mg Scopace tablet. 25 times the 400 mg, over the counter dose of Ibuprofen is 10 grams of Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen will not do much, if anything, to your brain but 10 grams of it all at once will shut down your kidneys and damage or even destroy your liver. If you do not die from it you will be hospitalized and perhaps need a kidney and/or liver transplant. A 10 mg Scopolamine tablet is only one twentieth the size of a single Ibuprofen tablet. If you think of an Ibuprofen tablet as a tiny little loaf of bread then one Scopolamine tablet is one slice of that bread. Imagine how small that slice of bread will be. After selecting a victim or multiple victims users of Scopolamine will conceal this tiny “slice of bread” between their first two fingers and open their fingers as they reach their hand over a glass to pick it up. The tablet drops into the glass and dissolves completely in less than a second. They can do it in front of a crowd and no one ever sees the tablet.

The fifth thing you should take away is that they do believe what they preach. The substitute teacher, female 3, likely believed she was telling me the truth and that she was educating us and thus helping our class. She believed we would be better off to know, understand, and accept what she was telling us as the truth.

Remember that at the end of incident 3 I said the teacher got upset. She was most likely at one point a victim of, among other things, gang rape. She was probably threatened and tormented. She would have been on Scopolamine during the entire attack and believed that she had no other choice and so she capitulated. It is not the sort of capitulation where you begrudgingly do what is requested of you even though you do not want to. It is that a person’s own mind gives up control of itself. This is what they refer to as “breaking” someone. Again, they believe that “breaking” someone is legal. The teacher was in a form of denial that her attackers engineered with Scopolamine and now she was working for her attackers recruiting kids to be poisoned, beaten, enslaved, and eventually raped by convincing the kids and herself that what happened to her, and what will happen to them, was not only legal but also their own choice. By her logic if the students allowed themselves to be hypnotized or allowed themselves to be drugged it was their own choice and so what ever happened was also their own choice and if something bad happened to them then it was their own fault.

While my counter examples to her logic were extreme and ridiculous I thought, her logic was equally ridiculous. I think I, at least temporarily, got the point across to her that she was wrong. If she was wrong then what happened to her was also wrong. Which means she realized she was raped and it made her upset. Part of this groups philosophy is that if you do not think it is rape then you were not raped. If you believe you agreed to have sex with a bunch of men you do not know then it was not rape even if you were drugged at the time. However, through our debate I temporarily convinced her that she was raped, probably because she already knew she was drugged. I made her realize that being given drugs was a crime and made her realize that everything that came after that point was not her choice and not her own fault. Of course, at the time I had no idea, I was just debating with her.

I believe that incident 5 was a direct and deliberate attack on me by an adult. Up to this point I refuted their beliefs consistently. Furthermore, during incident 3 I made the teacher, female 3, unhappy. I upset her because I told her the truth. For these members, and for anyone else, as long as they believe they are happy then they are. So, by telling my teacher the truth it was my fault for her unhappiness and not the fault of the people who drugged and raped her. She was still happy after she was gang raped. So, to them, I am the bad guy because I am the one who broke her illusion. It sounds crazy, because it is, but this is just how they have all been programmed to think.

In general, most of the cult leaders believe that I am a bad person. I am apparently difficult for them to coerce. Unless I have been poisoned, I have a natural level of self-confidence, I am intelligent, I like to debate, I understand philosophy, I try to be honest, and I know that secretly giving other’s drugs is not legal. I am also a large male who was not easy to physically intimidate. These are bad traits for one of their members as they challenge the leaders control.

The sixth lesson is that they will impersonate and copy the government. For example, in the incidents above they have impersonated the CIA and NSA. They pretend to be government agents or at least government representatives. Since my high school days, I have also seen them impersonate the police and the DEA. It seems to be one of their beliefs that if the government can do it then so can they. While it is certainly possible that members of this group have infiltrated parts of the government (I know they have implanted themselves in at least one local police department) I do not believe that they are part of a greater government conspiracy as some of my readers have already suggested. I do believe it is possible that some of the leaders have been kicked out of various government agencies. I also believe they are scholars of the experiments that had once been conducted by organizations like the CIA. For example, the CIA has experimented with Scopolamine and other mind altering drugs. It is documented and now officially recognized that the CIA has also drugged civilians as part of those experiments in the past. To my knowledge, when those experiments were discovered they were declared illegal and ended. However, I do not know what happened to the individuals who conducted those experiments. Where they kicked out of the CIA? Where they imprisoned or executed for using their office to subvert the constitution of the United States? It is possible that this group was originally founded by people kicked out of the CIA or other government organizations for things like abuse of power.

This group will also use anything humans do in society anywhere as a justification for what they are doing. If there is something that some human society ever accepted as legal anywhere in the world then in their minds they can do it. For example, child abuse, sex with minors, rape, and slavery are all things that have been and are accepted in a society somewhere in the world. They seem to think these crimes are natural. I think it is interesting because while murder is one of the worst crimes you can commit in any modern western society just killing someone is more natural than anything the cult leaders do with their drugs. However, missing people and dead bodies will be investigated and in general this group does not want to draw attention to themselves or their crimes.

This leads me to the seventh lesson which is that this group’s members are completely insane. I hope that after having read this section I do not need not qualify that statement with an explanation. However, as far as I can tell most of the members and even leaders have been manipulated with Scopolamine themselves. Many of them do not realize it but the more Scopolamine and manipulations they are subjected to the further from reality they become. Each member’s perception of reality is either something the member made up themselves or something their leader made up for them. They will keep living in this unreality until they get caught or for some other reason are forced to rethink their own mental state.

The final lessons you can learn from these incidents is how Scopolamine can be used to manipulate people. If you read this entire site you will get a much better understanding of how Scopolamine works and how it is used. However, these incidents show how they use Scopolamine to temporarily manipulate a person, permanently alter a person’s belief system, and to attack people who do not agree with them.

What they do is not hypnosis though they pretend it is. Being hypnotized is a lot like sleep walking. Under a hypnotic trance your conscious mind is present but it is either asleep or only passively observing your thoughts. There is only so much you can do with a person while they are hypnotized. If you become hostile with or yell at a person who is hypnotized they will wake up and snap out of it. Much like waking up from a bad dream or being startled by a loud noise when you are asleep. However, if you are on Scopolamine your conscious mind is not asleep it has been shut down by the drug and it cannot wake up until the drug wears off. Therefor if you are yelled at while on Scopolamine you will not wake up and snap out of it. Any “nightmare” created around you by your attackers will not go away until the drug wears off.

As an example, the reason I got so upset during incident 1 and 5 is due to what overdoses of Scopolamine do to the brain. Scientist use Scopolamine to induce a temporary state of dementia in animals while researching potential dementia treatments. High doses of Scopolamine make it impossible for you to process what is happening emotionally. If you have any experience with little kids then you know they can get upset easily. Kid 1 might get mad and tell kid 2 that they are not friends anymore and then kid 2 gets upset and starts crying. If an adult stranger yelled at a young kid then the kid is likely to start crying also. People with dementia will often have similar emotional problems. These are the same problems I had while on Scopolamine. I did not like it when people told me they did not like me. Had I just been hypnotized then I would not have become upset when things got uncomfortable I would have woken up. Had my mind been its normal somewhat mature 14 year old self I would have not gotten upset at all. I would have seen the attack for what it was an attempt to manipulate me and make me feel bad.

For another example, think about why I could not solve the math problems. Scopolamine affects the memory so even a problem like 3 times 3 becomes difficult. Solving problems like 13 times 7 is extremely difficult on Scopolamine. With this problem, you must keep track of 3 times 7, 1 times 7, and then add the result together. Or should you have added 3 times 7 and then 10 times 7? Remember how hard it was when you were little to solve 13 time 7 in your head? In fact, because the muscarinic receptors are shut down by Scopolamine trying to think on high doses of Scopolamine can force your mind to go blank for long periods of time. Without the muscarinic receptors working, the neurons never build up enough signal strength to fire so that your mind can literally not complete thoughts.

It is my experience that many of this group’s members are very juvenile in their ability to think and reason. They do not take things seriously and they often resort to strategies you might see on an elementary school playground. Many of these strategies only work because they are drugging their victims before interacting with them. Think about the bratty little kids you knew who would cause trouble with someone and then tattle to the teacher when that someone tried to do something about it. However, while their tactics may seem juvenile what these people are actually doing is very adult and very illegal.

It may not be fully evident from the incidents above but it is normal for this group to drug a person or a group of people before interacting with them. Even on a low overdose of Scopolamine a person is easy to manipulate. For example, even on just 1 mg of Scopolamine most people will give in to peer pressure assuming the group of peers is not asking for something too ridiculous. It is also easy to get someone who is already on a little bit of Scopolamine to take more Scopolamine. If a victim will not do everything their attackers want them to do the attackers will give their victim more Scopolamine until the victim does capitulate. While it may cause permanent brain damage and permanent psychosis eventually any victim will capitulate.

One effect of Scopolamine which I write about with more detail in another section is that if you are made to believe something on Scopolamine you will continue to believe it even after the Scopolamine wears off. This works because you do not actually need evidence to believe something to be true. While you are on Scopolamine you will not be able to argue and reason effectively yourself. For example, simple peer pressure can be used to make a person on Scopolamine believe that everyone is using Scopolamine. Remember the expression, “everyone is doing it.” While a kid may fall for this if they are told by a group of their peers the kid does not actually believe that everyone is doing it. However, if the kid being pressured is on Scopolamine they will believe it is true and continue to believe it once the Scopolamine wears off. Many of this groups members do in fact believe that everyone is using Scopolamine. However, in reality, half the population of the United States has never heard of Scopolamine and the other half just thinks it is a cure for motion sickness.

One thing you may have not thought about while reading this section is who or what these people are. I have considered the idea that this is a group of organized criminals or even an authorized activity of a legitimate government agency. However, neither of those groups would go into a school and try to recruit in this way. Neither type of organization would try to convince freshman in high school that what they were doing was legal. Criminals know they are criminals and any government use of any drugs on kids would be highly classified and no information would be entrusted to those kids. So for me, even if this group does not believe in a higher power, they are still a cult.

After some research, I have realized that it is documented that the FBI and other law enforcement have caught cults doing everything I have just described in the past. Cults have used hypnosis techniques and drugs to recruit and control its members. Cults are also known for going after kids. Even today there are known cults in the United States who use physical, psychological, and emotional abuse, including rape, as a way of manipulating and controlling its members. Cults will send their female members out as prostitutes and engage in many other illegal activities to make money and even try to manipulate local governments. Cult members have worked as frauds, thieves, rapist, extortionist, drug dealers, traffickers, slavers, and even murders. Cults have implemented biological and chemical attacks on the general population. As far as I can tell this is another aggressive and potentially militant cult.

The last thing to understand is that all these people are still out there and I expect that this group has grown. While they may not be at the same high school as far as I know they are still trying to work their way into high schools and universities.

In my high school there were teachers who knew something had happened but they did not do much about it. At no point where my parents informed that anything like this ever happened or that there was any suspicion of anything happening. I never received medical care for a drug overdose. I never received psychological care for any trauma related to the attacks. It is possible that the school administration did not know everything that happened and they likely did not fully understand what was happening however, there were and still are laws protecting school age kids from such abuse which require more action on the part of the school teachers and the administration.

I do not know how many people in my high school were successfully recruited. I do not know how many people from my high school were drugged while there. I also do not know how many times female 2 and male 4 may have been poisoned with Scopolamine while attending high school. But, I do know firsthand, that since high school, female 2 and male 4 have been involved with drug dealers, drug traffickers, and premediated organized gang rape.

I also know female 2 has been used as a sort of bait to lure in men. She has been used as you might expect a female CIA agent to be used to obtain intel from a foreign asset. She may even believe she worked for a government agency as some members are told. She believed she was someone important, doing something important, and working for something important. However, her targets had nothing to do with protecting national security or any legitimate undercover operation. But, she may not have been fully aware of her own situation. For example, through Scopolamine she could have believed she liked or loved whoever her leader told her to. She could also believe she disliked or loathed whoever her leader told her to. As you might expect from having repeated concussions, every time female 2 is drugged she gets a little dumber, a little bit more mentally unstable, and a little easier to manipulate when she is not on Scopolamine. After a while she would have no idea what was real and not real, what was true and not true.

Female 2, while in her 20s, also had access to many attractive young girls who would already have done a lot to be where she was. It would have taken very little for female 2 to get these young girls, many of whom would have been minors, to take Scopolamine. Female 2 would not have to drug the girls herself. She could just bring the young girls to meet some of her “Friends.” The young girls could have taken it willingly believing it was just a party drug or given it secretively in a beer or a glass of wine. If the girl did not drink they will just put Scopolamine in a glass of water or juice. Either way the objective is to rape them and/or lure them in to the group. One trick they will use is to have a young girl, the victim, take Scopolamine without knowing it. Then it is easy for them to get her drunk and to use some very illegal like cocaine. Later if she objects to anything that happens they will tell her she was just drunk or high on cocaine. If that does not work then they will threaten to turn her in for using cocaine or drinking under age which would ruin the possibility of many opportunities for the victim. They will then start telling everyone that the victim is a coke whore so they do not loose social points with anyone who was not in on the rape in case the victim does talk. Even today female 2 has access to many kids who she can try and convert in the same way the substitute English teacher at my school once did.

Today male 4 is a prominent lawyer. He now has kids of his own. Beyond his involvement in high school and his involvement in the one other incident I cannot say what else he may have done. But, maybe he gives legal advice and helps the leaders figure out new ways to pretend not to be criminals? He certainly has the education and the credentials for it.

As for males 1, 2, 3 and 6, it seems they have made a career out of using Scopolamine. I never really knew any of them but they keep showing up in my life and attacking me. For people who do not know any better they often pretend what they are doing is just hypnosis or that the victim agreed to it or was in to it. They have even told people that I am some sort of major criminal. As a diversion tactic, they have told people I am or that I am doing what they themselves are doing. But, they and their followers have worked together to drug me and the people around me. Since high school they have attacked me, my wife, and the rest of my family. They have attacked other girls I dated before my wife and it looks like they also attacked many of the friends and teammates I have had since high school. But, until recently, I never remembered any of the attacks. I am not sure why I remember now but I am told that is just how Scopolamine works. It can take many years for a person to remember the events of a Scopolamine attack and many victims never remember.

If you are young then I hope that by reading this section you have learned enough to at least guard yourself. This group does not just go after females. I recommend that you take the time to read the entire site but it is long. I improve the site and its contents as time goes by but I do all this on my own time so my progress is slow.

There were 20 or so students in my English class. That class was part of a block of 3 classes. If all of the students were given the lectures I described in incidents 3 and 4 then some of them should remember it. Maybe students that were in my class will remember my hypothetical examples where I talked about using a gun to threaten and kill someone. It is not every day that happens. Especially not in that school.

All of the incidents above and many others have been reported to the local police and to the FBI. There is an open case regarding all the incidents in this section. However, to this date not much has come of it. They do not seem willing to contribute any real resources to an investigation. I suppose, so far there is a lack of evidence. However, evidence does not find itself. Also, witnesses are evidence.

If you were in my English class, or in the same block as I, and you remember what I am talking about or you have seen or heard anything similar growing up please send me an email at You will remain anonymous but that will put you on record. Do not just rely on the local police. After you send me an email you should contact the FBI by using the FBI Tips and Public Leads page here and then immediately call the FBI to file the report. They often do not respond to the online crime tip portal. If you have paid attention to the news it seems they tend to ignore many of those tips. Apparently, they get too many tips to go through them all. Then, after you have contacted everyone else you can think of call the local police department where the school is and file a report.

I am still working to complete the remaining sections. I am working on but they are not ready yet so I have just included a short summary.

1.7.8        Conversion and Training
This section will be about how the cult leaders use a person’s fantasies to convert and train a follower. Part of the training involved building up the follower’s confidence that what they are doing is OK.

1.7.9        Enforcing Subservience
This section will be about who the leaders enforce subservience. Usually this means poison and some form or attack or at least the fear of it.

1.7.10        Experiments
This section will be about what I will call experiments. They will conduct experiments to see what they can get away with. One such experiment could be to see if the can take over a plane by poisoning the crew and most of the passengers.

1.7.11        Attacks Against Victims
This section will be about attacks on victims. I have already written about the use of rape but there are other attacks. I will try to identify some meaningful patterns in their attacks. One pattern in my case is that they always seem to show up when I become increasingly successful or influential etc. While I, until recently had no idea who they were or what they were doing, I have always argued with and refuted their beliefs.

I hope that you learned something as you read through this site. Other than reading this site please send me a comment if you have one here. There are also a number of ways you can support my efforts. You can find support information here.

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